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The training and business development aspects of this opportunity are provided through our personally mentored Web Consultants Protégé Program. This is without a doubt the most effective marketing training course for anyone involved in selling web related products and services.

Once you have completed this program, you will know how to effectively market your services and gain an advantage over 99% of web agencies out there.

Below are the main modules of the program:

  • Targeting a niche market that you can dominate:

    The first step is to find a niche since these are the most profitable markets online. This can be done by researching the market based on factors like accessibility, ability to spend, size, industry and so on.

  • Researching the compelling problems and needs of your target market:

    Now, research the compelling problems of your niche and develop specific and focused solutions to overcome their problems.

  • Developing unique packages and solutions that solve your market's compelling problems:

    You can offer your client'spackaged solutions by combining all the elements required to solve your client's' problems including services, process, training, support, guarantees. This means you won't be selling the same as everyone else - it will be a unique offering specific to your target market.

  • Creating an effective marketing message:

    This marketing message should be aligned to the benefits of your solutions and the concerns of your niche that differentiates you from your competitors.

  • Building a custom website that focuses on your target market's problems and how you can solve them:
    Your website needs to show your prospective client'sthat you understand their needs and have the solution to their problems, while building credibility through useful content and getting them to leave their contact details for follow-up.

  • Developing free and chargeable information products:

    These are used to build credibility, generate leads and add an additional revenue stream. A short downloadable report is a very effective lead generation method, which also builds credibility and pre-sells your prospective client'son your expertise by showing you understand their problems and how to solve them.

  • Putting it all together in an effective low cost marketing plan:

    This should combine the best online and offline promotional methods used in conjunction with an offer of a free report prepared in the previous step to generate targeted leads. The method used can include search engines, article submission, PPC, ezine sponsor ads, affiliates, joint ventures, direct mail, advertising ... but should only be used to offer a free report and not make a direct offer.

  • Develop a prospect follow-up system:

    Once you have the leads, then the prospects should be followed up with ongoing useful content through a newsletter, ezine or other means to educate them on the seriousness of their problems and that you have the solution. When their situation reaches the point where they need to act ... you will be their first choice. This way you can generate as many client'sas you can handle.

  • Develop a pre-qualification system and fulfilment process:

    The purpose of the educational follow-up system is to educate the prospect to the point where their passive need become an active want that they have to act on, right away. This is the type of prospect you want to deal with. All prospects aren't created equal and you need to ensure that most attention is being paid to those who are most qualified. This means they have a problem they need to act on urgently; they have set aside a budget and have the authority to make a buying decision.

  • Develop a consultative marketing system:

    Once you have a qualified prospect you need to conduct a needs analysis to determine their exact requirements. This is basically a questionnaire that asks a number of specific control questions in a certain manner. This provides the specifications you need, while showing the prospect you understand their situation and showing them how you have the solution to their problems.

  • Develop a project management system:

    Once you've made a sale and got the project, you're only half way. Good project management is critical to making your project a success and maximising future projects. You need a plan that keeps the project on schedule and to budget, that ensures a smooth execution , keeps your client happy and establishes your professionalism.

  • Develop an ongoing client relationship strategy:

    Based on the previous steps of establishing credibility, educating your client, showing your understanding of their need and proving your professionalism, you will have laid the foundation to a long-term business relationship. This ensures continual repeat business and a high lifetime value for every client.

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