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Listen to What People Say About This Opportunity

"Opportunities like this are seldom seen, unless you spend $15,000 - $75,000 perhaps on a franchise which is why I can so easily endorse this as one of the very best internet-related openings we've seen for a long time. "

"All in all a great opportunity which comes highly recommende.d"

"As for your guarantee... I won't need it! It is all you said it is... and with the nuggets of knowledge included, it opens more windows of opportunity than most people know are there."

"Digital Media Solutions Ltd are a genuine company with a genuine opportunity for anyone wanting to start a business part time or fulltime with full support and backup... (and I mean real support and backup). The information and training materials are second to none and the earning potential is limitless... I have a very bright future ahead of me... thanks Digital Media."

"I have looked at hundreds of business opportunities over the last twenty years and Digital Media's Internet business is definitely the best value for money I have seen. I have been looking at Internet business for a few years and this package has enabled me to make money from the net. The professional web site, comprehensive training and support plus a bit of determination is all that is needed to set up a profitable Internet business. My customers have been delighted with the web sites Digital Media have created."

"Although I consider myself very knowledgeable of the Internet, I have found Digital Media Solutions Ltd even more so. They certainly know what they are doing and do so professionally. I also find them very responsive, which is important when you've got client'schasing you."

"This is the most intriguing and in-depth course and business opportunity I have ever personally been involved with. I just wish I had known about it years ago and I could have saved myself a small fortune."

"To say I was impressed with the presentation and detail of the course is an understatement. I have since developed a strong relationship with Digital Media and have found them to be extremely helpful and very supportive, no question left un-answered. The cost of the package was covered in the first two contacts I was able to win, thanks to the support provided. These initial projects have now given me the confidence to seek larger and more lucrative commissions."

First I would like to say that I generally call a spade a spade and if I thought that Digital Media was not worth it I would say so but I can't do that because these guys would do anything to help me. The other day I was doing a site on my own and I needed an asp form. Now I can do some html and straightforward web design but when it comes to asp then I am completely lost. I was looking through the internet to see if could find some help; I did find a template thing where I could put a few fields in and upload it to the server.

To be honest it would have done but I contacted DMS support and asked them how I would put an extra bit in this form. Their answer to me was.. Eoin tell us what you want in the form and we will build it for you. I told them and one day later they sent me this form with all the code in it. My reply was not so much to thank them but to ask "how many aliens they had working in the office" this stuff was completely goobly gook to me!!! BUT they took the time to help me out and help me build a site I was doing myself and they never charged me a penny for it.

You can have a look at the site if you want it's www.guesthousegolf.com

Also they are search engine specialists and he have gone out of their way, when they have been busy, to advise me on things I am doing regarding the search engines

A bit about my history. I was online way before the www came along. I was playing around on compuserve about 10-12 years ago. When the www came along I could generally do a few things and put a simple web page up. I actually should have made a fortune but I made a big mistake and got in with this web design company it was a network marketing company called GEN. The idea was brilliant but what happened was the general public had no idea what a web site was so it was way ahead of its time. The whole thing eventually went bust because we could not get customers. I wasted a whole pile of years there. Just too early for the general population.

Last year when I saw what Digital Media had to offer I jumped on it immediately. What they were offering was just right as far as I could see.

The reason I love the DMS concept is this. As someone that can do a little bit of design to do it all myself takes time. I can't learn all the new technologies AND design at the same time. Or I can't make a living doing design unless people come to me one week then the next week and so on. If I got 5 jobs at once I would be lost and have to tell client'sit will be two months before I can get to you. However once you understand how DMS works you can'take on as many jobs as you want and the support will spend the day helping you preparing quotes etc. Support usually answers me by return email by the way. So I won't even say it takes an hour because sometimes it takes 10 mins for them to get back to me. Which is pretty special.

The main work is talking to or emailing people. As you don't know their business you got to get them to prepare some sort of brief. That's hard and it requires work on your part but there is no way round that. Even if you were spending 25K on a franchise you are still going to have to do that because you have to know what they want written on their website!!! I have had people asking me to do a web site and then I ask them what they want on it. Their reply - Oh I thought you did that -Duh.

And yes you do pay DMS when you make the order but if you charge 50% up front then that's it done the next 50% payment on completion is your profit!!

Regarding their prices, I nearly fall off the seat when these guys quote me something. I have got a photographer site just about to go. DMS were quoting me some crazy cheap   price for putting in some admin module for this guy. I double the price and I am thinking hell's bells if that guy was to phone up someone in the yellow pages and ask for a quote for what we are going to give him he would be looking at 2K. I am going to be giving him this for £450 and still make 100% profit on the job.

Actually I tell them on one of my sales letters at http://www.ebusiness-express.com/offers to phone up a designer in the yellow pages for a quote <smile>

So I hope you can see here that these guys are hot and they are specially good at putting in those "programming" bits that the average Joe can't do and at a price that makes you fall off the chair. I'll bet money any internet consultancy franchise can't even look at the prices that DMS are quoting.

There is another thing - DMS have got the sitebuilder as well and they are going ahead to develop a better one. So that will be great when it comes along and a great money-spinner.

I have been finding though that the existing sitebuilder is not a great winner. The reason being that people don't have a clue how to design websites and when I tell them hey you could do it yourself they just run a mile. The majority of people need a helping hand.

It's a hard job selling web services sometimes there is no doubt about it but I think the whole process (when you learn it) with DMS is really viable and one of the best deals out there.

I don't really have many examples I can show and the reason for that is that I have just got going and a lot of times I have been doing simple sites myself so I didn't need DMS. However I have decided that I don't want to design client's sites anymore so I have got about 10K worth of work in the
pipeline for DMS.

One of the problems you find with web design is you have to be a bit of everything i.e. accountant, sales man, web design man, advertiser and it takes up a lot of your time - but bottom line, sure I am biased here, I think these guys are the best, they are a growing company and they will do you a great job for a great price.  You'll get training in the manuals that they have, you'll get email support second to none, you'll get great prices for web design etc and most of all they are nice people that love what they do.

I don't know if what I have said has been a great help except the maybe come over as a bit bias for DMS. I can't help that, it's and honest opinion because as I said in all the years on the Internet this is one of the best companies I have ever worked with. True win-win situation and a chance to grow as they grow.

If you are thinking on joining up as a reseller and you are keen to become a web design consultant then this is the best offer out there. Heck all this stuff is my passion I just love what I do but I can assure you it ain't any get rich quick scenario you do have to work your butt off - initially at least.


This is a reference on the subject of the MyWebAgency reseller opportunity from Digital Media Solutions Ltd,

I can only assure any prospective reseller that the technical expertise of the technicians, the speed of response to requests and queries, the quality of the goods delivered and the reseller package are all of the highest standard possible.

To see some examples of what Digital Media have done you can visit two of our sites, www.cremevillas.com and www.boatworldeurope.com with its sub-site www.superyachtshow.com. The latter two are excellent examples of industry specific portal design, and the offshoot business here is that we then design the individual show stands for each exhibitor at the rate of some 4/5 per week, so this site alone is gaining us a very good income.

The pricing for all the products is highly competitive and enables you to quote an immediately competitive price to your client, whilst still retaining a good profit margin.

I would say that any prospective reseller has absolutely nothing to lose in trying the MyWebAgency package, it's not a huge outlay, the benefits offered far outweigh the package price, and should you find an area which you might need to expand, I am sure they will support that request quite quickly, or recommend you to a third party already known to them.

I apologise for not being able to give more information, but we really are so busy that time is of the essence at the moment, but I do hope that what I have said will enable any prospective reseller to reach the right decision for their purposes.

Kind regards

"DMS are without doubt the backbone of our business. Without their technology, knowledge and overall business expertise, our business wouldn't be at the stage it is at now, in the time period it has taken.

With the support we have from DMS, we aren't limited to the amount of work we can'take on in fact the only limitation we have is the amount of staff we have to handle our customer queries and requests.

We are more than impressed with the professionalism and attentive personalised service we receive on a daily basis.

We are always amazed at how quickly DMS can deliver the workload and at the high standard we have come to expect again and again.

To date we have not had any customer complaints with DMS's work nor could we complain with any aspect of their work. Therefore I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to any potential reseller thinking of opening their own web consultancy."

Vicki Herrity
Netplosion Ltd.

Dear Gordon,  

I was so impressed with Digital Media that I want to take the time to put my gratitude into words. Initially, I saw the great potential of working with Digital Media, but knew that the effectiveness of follow through in the web development would be key. Digital Media has never let me down.

I have been absolutely thrilled and amazed at the scope and quality of work that the team produces. I have sent them some challenging projects on behalf of client's, including e-commerce, animation, search engine optimization, flash, and xml parsing solutions.

Always the response is the same. The team has the expertise for the job. The team produces the work in a timely and efficient manner at extremely reasonable rates. This creates a business opportunity for me to get paid to serve as a liaison between the client and the development team. It also allows me to provide my client'swith impressive, functional websites. It is a win-win arrangement for all parties involved.

A website without traffic is useless. I consider it crucial that I be able to offer my client'sviable, online marketing services. Digital Media provides all the search engine optimization and online advertising solutions that my client'sneed from e-books to banner advertising to keyword selection, to search engine submission, etc.

The communication with Allan Johnson has been excellent. He is professional, detailed and specific, making it possible to accomplish technical projects easily. In addition, I enjoy his positive and upbeat attitude.

I am an active reseller, who finds it a joy to use Digital Media's services and to share them with client's. I consider Digital Media to be the web design team extraordinaire.  I would not attempt website sales without them. Thanks again for this profitable business opportunity!


Cynthia Baker
Media Goals

Dear Allan,

As I look back into time at approximately this time last year, never did I ever imagine myself being where I am today. Never did I know that I would be able to offer my client'sprofessional web services as how I am doing every day today. Never did I know that I am able to inform client'son a real web team that we have, that is based offshore with years and years of experience on the Internet. Never did I know and can be happier that I am able to put a smile on each and every client’s face of mine whenever I deliver to them an IITIS product, service or idea.

You see, during the final quarter of 2003, I was on a very serious search for a business that I could run from my home office. To be more accurate with that, I wanted to run a business that was my own, that I could customise with my own philosophy and that could develop a big future in front of it. At that stage, before even knowing about DMS, I already purchased my domain name IITIS.com (which stood for Integrated IT Information Services) and I even registered the business and the company so that I could start conducting a real business. With a determined mindset to be on track with my goals, I spent endless hours on the Internet searching and researching for the best available option for myself to proceed so that I can start 2004 with a solid business foundation for a good future.

Then came along DMS and its internet consultancy opportunity. At first sight, I was immediately captivated and saw the potential. I was an instant believer. I informed my business partners about DMS and their initial response was surprisingly quite good. This is usually not the case as they are most often on the pessimistic end of the stick. Nevertheless, I still believed that my partners needed more understanding and belief in DMS which is why I set myself out to preplan a method for DMS and IITIS to work together. Within 5 days, I completed the first proposal, gathered the business partners and individuals that were to contribute to IITIS and presented to them my idea on how DMS and IITIS could work together. After the presentation, all were amazed and after a 100% full voting stand to proceed, I initiated the first contact with DMS and this is when I met the forefront person whom we deal with today that manages the DMS and IITIS relationship, Allan Johnson.

Until today, Allan has been none short than supportive, professional, and caring towards IITIS and in particular my personal contributions towards the current events and the future goals that IITIS beholds. As mentioned to Allan once before, DMS to IITIS doesn’t feel like an outside entity or a separate third party at all. The relationship we have is so personalised that it feels as though DMS is part of IITIS itself. We sometimes go as far labelling DMS to our client'sas the ‘IITIS Project Developments Team’ and client'sare very surprised as to how we can afford such a relationship yet reward the client'swith the most competitive value and pricing the country (Australia) has to offer. We just come back by saying, “Aren’t both you and I lucky devils?”.

That said, yes we are lucky, however luck does not play a major role in this. Both sides have contributed to the success of this relationship we have today however I must say, without the help and dedication provided by Allan and DMS at our initial stages and even at this point of our infancy, IITIS won’t be IITIS as is today. I see a great future with this relationship and as we have progressed up till date, I know that DMS and IITIS are the perfect match that can continue on to further a strengthened future that will have only brighter and bigger things happen for the both of us.

Without further ado, I would recommend DMS web services and the web consultancy opportunity to any individual or business that desires only the best outcome for their reputation and their client’s needs. In all my combined research years, I do not believe I have seen a better more flexible entity that can fit us or any other individual or company out there with the right mind to be a business owner that has everything good backing it. Thank you Allan and DMS for being there for us. May the years in front of us continue to blossom and expand into something unexpectedly great… and I know it will!


Victorian Business Development Manager
International Representative
( Other Details WithHeld On Request )

I run a small business – just me. I have a reasonable all-round knowledge of the Internet and website building; at least enough to give me confidence to build a business around it. And I thought I would go it alone.

What first attracted me to Digital Media Solutions was not so much the quality of services on offer, but the attitude that delivers a holistic service to the client. I have long been a believer that a website is not just a cosmetic or piece of IT gizmo, but a true marketing and service tool for business. DMS positioned itself in this more business-oriented space. This matched my ethos of making sure I serve the client's business needs, not just flog any old website.

As I got closer to DMS, I became aware of the reality of the breadth of their services. Without being intrusive or trying to take over in any way, they were first and foremost helping provide me with the skills and resources to make my business a success. I believe I could have come to this industry with no relevant skills and everything I might need was there.

On the operational side, I found DMS made it possible for me to offer virtually anything web related; certainly far more than I ever could have dreamed of offering on my own. It means I have been able to accept business I would otherwise have had to have walked away from. Then I started to get demands from client'sthat were slightly out of the ordinary; things that you wouldn't easily get from a pre-built template or 'shrink-wrapped' solution. DMS has taken these requests in its stride and have been so flexible. Being able to accept these jobs has made my job more interesting. This sort of backup is something I didn't think I would ever need, or ever expect to get, but is normal service for the guys at DMS.

One thing that is important to me is that they are knowledgeable professionals. Elsewhere in the industry I come across customer facing staff whose Internet skills are restricted to being able to read a script that somebody else has written and generally do not answer the question you ask, but another one they've got the answer to. DMS doesn't work this way. I have an account manager who is rarely unavailable and understands my business and its needs. He ensures that all the departments of DMS pull together so that I can deliver quality services to my customers – even those who make unusual requests.

What's important here is that they support an iterative process that gets things right the client. client'sdon't always know what they want at the outset and once the job starts and something gets delivered the client's vision gets clearer, so they have a starting point to make changes from. DMS is happy to accept tweaks to the work until the client is satisfied. The guys at DMS are very tolerant in this regard.

I don't pretend that DMS never makes the occasional mistake; they are only human after all. I make mistakes, too. But we have the sort of relationship that rides over the challenging times. There is an attitude of not laying blame, but just putting things right quickly and getting on with the job. I am focussed on earning a living by serving my customers. DMS fully understands and supports me in that.

( Other Details WithHeld On Request )

Plus a full review by Opportunity Times at: http://www.MyWebAgency.co.uk/pdffiles/OT_Review.pdf


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