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The Widest Range of Professional Web Services!

A key strategy to maximizing your profits is to offer a comprehensive range of products and services. We offer you the widest range of professional web services possible that meet the most exacting quality standards at extremely competitive prices.

The Services You Can Offer

Below is a breakdown of the individual services you will be able to offer as part of your packages and solutions - however if there is anything you don't see here that is related to the internet or web development - in all likelihood we can provide it.

Web Site Design:

Our skilled designers will create the exact look and feel your client's' desire. You will be able to offer the highest quality graphic design equivalent to that provided by top international agencies but at a fraction of the cost.


Multimedia on the web is the use of video, sound and animation. The most common multimedia format is Flash where our developers really excel and can provide anything from a small entry page through to full multimedia presentations, complete flash based sites and high end interactive eLearning systems and training courses.

Web Development:

When your client requires more than just a static site and wants to move up to a dynamic database driven solution, our experienced and skilled developers can provide whatever they require. Ranging from an online control panel that lets them update their site content themselves through to complex online applications such as eCRM (customer relationship management).


An essential requirement for any online business is the ability to take orders and process payments online. We can build bespoke ecommerce solutions ranging from simple shopping cart applications through to high end systems that offer complete integration with your client's' existing sales, reporting and accounting systems.

Online Marketing:

Provide your client'swith what they really want - a good return on investment. Let our experienced marketing teams successfully promote your client's' business online through ezines, press releases, banners, pay-per-click, strategic linking, affiliate marketing and much more.

Search Engine Positioning:

The first thing your client'swill think of when they want to start promoting their online business is search engine marketing. Our experts can provide total search engine services ranging from guaranteed top 20 positioning through to standard submission. So, when your client'sdecide it's time to start getting some good traffic through the search engines you'll be able to offer these services.

Content Development & Copywriting:

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of ebusiness. An attractive and appealing design enhances the user experience and aids the selling process by creating the right impression - but it's the copywriting on the site that gets the sale. This is a value added service you can offer your client'sto increase the visitor to order ratio on their site ensuring maximum return on investment and a happy client.

Application Development & Programming:

Web development tends to focus on a database backend and scripting languages, whereas application development is a more advanced solution providing full programming to create stand alone software products or online applications on a dedicated server. Basically, this offers you the opportunity to provide your client'swith any possible solution they require - no matter how complex.

Website Hosting:

Quality commercial web space is an absolute necessity for your client'sto run a successful online business. The quality of the network and the servers your client's' site is hosted on can make or break their business. We can provide the highest quality commercial web space for your client'sthrough our dedicated servers.

Domain Name Registration:

This is another service that is very easy to sell and much in demand. Most client'swill require a number of different domains and you will earn a residual income as they are renewed each year.

Application Service Provider Solutions:

An application service provider (ASP) is someone offering remotely hosted online web services on a yearly or monthly subscription basis. Examples of the ASP solutions you can offer include our advanced SiteBuilder Application with its integrated eCommerce and Marketing tools. Like all the services you can resell, this is a private label meaning it will be branded in your company's name.

Plus : any other web related service you can'think of!

Application Service Provider Solutions

Site Building Tools :

Site Builder : A complete dynamic web site builder providing a selection of the highest quality templates you are ever likely to have seen with options to select different interface elements. This gives thousands of possible design variations.

It also has a unique interactive system that allows complete color control with infinite color variations, thereby creating total design flexibility for a look and feel unique to your client's' businesses.

Once the template has been generated, then there are further options for customization with a logo creator and image editor allowing your client to even modify the graphical elements of their site - no other application offers this degree of customization - but that's not all - for those client'swho require TOTAL flexibility, they can upload their own bespoke template either created by themselves, you or us. This adds a further profitable income stream.

Site Manager : Once your client has created the look and feel they want, the next step is to set-up the pages of their site. The site manager allows them to do this by adding the menus and pages as required.

Page Editor : The final stage in setting up their site is adding the content e.g. text and images. Rather than limit your client'sto the usual form based approach where there is very little control over the content we decided to go a different route and offer a complete online WYSIWYG editor. This stands for What You See Is What You Get. Basically, it's just like using a word processor so you can change fonts, colors and styles as well as add tables, images and much more - in short, your client'swill have complete control over the look and feel of their pages.

Community Building Tools :

The community building tools are modules that can be added to the client's site allowing them to keep in touch and build ongoing relationships with their client'sleading to more sales. These include ...

eZine Server : So your client'scan keep in touch with their customers through a regular email newsletter - this has proved to be one of the most effective methods for building online sales when used responsibly.

Autoresponder : Allows your client'sto send automated follow up sales messages to their customers thereby further increasing sales. It can'take up to seven follow-ups to generate maximum sales - this tool allows that to be handled automatically.

Message Forum : This is a great community building tool allowing your client's' customers to interact with each other and your client's company through messages left in an online forum - when used correctly can be a great market research and sales prospecting tool.

Chat Forum & Instant Messaging : This is a superb tool allowing real time chat and online communication between prospective customers and your client's company representatives for customer service or simply as an useful tool on your client's site for customers to interact with each other.

eCommerce Tools :

These enable your client'sto truly run an internet business that allows their customers to place orders securely over the web.

The tools you will be able to provide include:

Shopping Cart Builder : This is an extremely flexible eCommerce application that allows you to set up a complete online store with thousands of products.

Order Form Creator : This is for client'swho just have one main product or a small number of related products that don't require a full shopping cart. It allows them to set up a flexible order form on their site.

Payment Processor Integrator : This tool allows both the above applications to seamlessly integrate with the main online payment processors for real time secure credit card transactions.

Online Marketing Tools :

This is where our solution really stands out from the crowd. While there are other ASPs providing some of the above (albeit with fewer features and flexibility), no one is providing a complete ebusiness solution that includes all the marketing tools your client'swill ever need in a single package.

Just look at what is included in this module:

  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Keyword Density Analyzer
  • Doorway Page Maker
  • Search Engine Reporter
  • Search Engine Submitter
  • Pay Per Click Engine Submitter
  • Pay Per Click Bid Optimizer
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Affiliate Program Manager
  • Reciprocal Link Generator
  • In-Bound Link Checker
  • Ezine Ad Manager
  • Ezine Article Submitter
  • Press Release Submitter
  • Banner Manager
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Log File Analyzer

I'm sure you'll agree that by any standard this is an amazing product to sell - what's even better is the amazingly low retail prices ranging from $299 to $599 per annum depending on which package is selected. As a licensee, your price will be half this amount and as it is a private label solution you are not restricted to selling it at these prices.

It is possible to develop a very lucrative business with just a few core client'sdue to this residual income.

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