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The Biggest Opportunity of Today!

Today, with the internet growing at such an incredible rate, it's a medium that businesses and individuals can't afford to ignore any more. The result is a huge, ever-increasing demand for internet related products and services that shows no sign of letting up. Every day new companies are getting onto the web or expanding their existing sites. The range of services in demand is virtually unlimited with database, ecommerce, multimedia and marketing solutions to name but a few. Making this the biggest opportunity of today, just waiting to be tapped.

To meet this demand, we have put together the best business opportunity of its kind on the market today. You get a complete internet consultancy business-in-a-box. A ready-to-go business that doesn't require any previous skills, experience or investment in equipment! Everything you need to build your own successful
6-figure agency without having to spend a fortune or employ staff.

Below are the main components of the package:

Products & Services :

The foundation for any successful business is the quality of the products and services being sold. With this opportunity, you will be able to resell our full range of cutting edge eBusiness solutions, including web design, multimedia, eCommerce, development, programming, search engine promotion, online marketing and much more, under your own brand on a private label basis.


Training & Mentoring :

Good training is critical to your success. You will be given complete training via our Web Consultants Protégé Program. This is a personally mentored training program, which will take your business from scratch to a successful consultancy with 6-figure income potential. The training will be done at your own pace using step-by-step instructions, worksheets and templates together with personal email mentoring and interaction with a member of our experienced business development team.


Business Development :

You will be able to employ the most effective step-by-step business development system available for building a 6-figure consultancy business. This program was specifically created for the IT Industry and is responsible for generating millions of dollars worth of business for technology companies around the world. We then took it a step further by combining it with our knowledge of direct response, online marketing, solution selling and professional services business building methods. This has created the most effective and powerful sales and marketing system for Internet Consultants ever!


Support & Backup :

A vital but often overlooked aspect of starting a new business is having full support and backup. We understand the importance of this and do everything possible to provide the highest quality support in the industry. In fact, we receive many new comments every week from delighted resellers who are impressed with the quality of support they received. Basically, you will have a professional team backing you at every step, ensuring that you will never be operating the business alone. There is always help and assistance at hand.


Custom Designed Website :

The basic pre-requisite of an internet consultant is a quality website that impresses prospective client'sand does a good job of generating leads, building credibility, differentiates itself from competitors and converts browsers to buyers. We create a custom-built site design and integrate this with our powerful content management application which allows you to add/edit/delete pages and content on your site offering complete flexibility. Since your website is the foundation of your business, it's important to take the time to set it up in the right way.


Marketing :

A good web site can reach the next level only if the business is marketed the right way. The protégé program will teach you the most effective way to do this using credibility marketing. A method that allows you to build long-term relationships with your client'sand overcome the main obstacle to making a sale ... distrust. Credibility marketing generates qualified and targeted leads, educates them on how you can solve their problems, gets the sale then builds upon this trust ensuring a lifetime of backend sales.


Product Development :

An important aspect of the business development process we use involves creating information products to generate qualified leads, educate the prospect, build credibility and effectively pre-sell them. To this end, we show you ways of quickly developing information products, convert them into ebook formats for you and show you how to market them. You can even go one step further and make chargeable information products and generate revenue for these or have us develop software or web applications that you can sell over and over again and keep all the income.


Hosting :

As a web solutions provider, being able to host your client's' websites is vital. To this end, we provide you with unlimited web space to host all your client's' sites. What's more, you don't have to pay anything extra for each client. This unlimited web space comes included in your reseller license meaning you keep all the profit.


Offshore Development Team :

This opportunity provides you access to your own offshore development team who can handle all your projects. You don't have to worry about how many projects you can'take on at the same time or whether you have the expertise to deal with a particular requirement, since we can handle any requirement and have the resources to handle any volume you can generate ... all at a price and quality your competitors will be unable to compete with. It's like having your own full service web agency.


Other Opportunities :

No matter what other business opportunities you are involved with now or in the future, the internet will play a vital part. Therefore, having your own full service web agency to handle your website development and online marketing at trade price will be a huge asset.

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