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"Start Your Own Lucrative Internet Consultancy Today and Put Your Earning Potential Into Overdrive with Our New Protégé Training Program And Build Your Business to a Six-Figure Income Level Within The Next 12 Months."
A Guaranteed Way To Build a Successful Agency That Doesn't Require Technical Skills, Business Experience or Personal Selling; Can Be Operated Part Time Or Full Time From Your Home Or Office and Gives You The Flexibility To Run Your Business On The Internet, By Mail Order or Through Personal Consulting.
I have looked at hundreds of business opportunities over the last twenty years and Digital Media's Internet business is definitely the best value for money I have seen. I have been looking at Internet business for a few years and this package has enabled me to make money from the net. The professional web site, comprehensive training and support plus a bit of determination is all that is needed to set up a profitable Internet business. My customers have been delighted with the web sites Digital Media have created.
- Roger Weavers - Sytec Computers

If you are genuinely looking for a "REAL" business opportunity with 6-figure income potential then here is some good news.

After 5 years of development, we have finally perfected a powerful business opportunity and mentored training program that allows anyone, regardless of previous experience to build a 6-figure internet consultancy business - GUARANTEED!

No matter who you are and what experiences you have had in the past, by following our step-by-step protégé training program... you simply cannot fail to build a successful consultancy as long as you are prepared to put in the required effort.

This is not just theory... it has already proven itself time and time again and is responsible for helping many of our associates to build highly profitable businesses... even where they had previously been unsuccessful !

How To Start Your Own 6-Figure Internet Consultancy
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At Last... A Genuine and Workable Opportunity

As you are someone looking for a viable business, you've probably realized that the biggest problem you face is how to actually find a genuine and affordable business opportunity amongst all the offers available. One that really works and can provide you with a lifetime of income and financial security.

The problem is there are so many choices, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack... and nearly impossible to tell the good from the bad. Especially when you are bombarded from all sides by claims of easy overnight riches with little effort. You may have even tried a number of opportunities in the past only to be disappointed with the results.

The good news is that you have found a genuine and workable opportunity right here... and hopefully by the time you have heard the facts, read what others are saying and seen what our resellers are achieving, you will agree.

The Dangerous Myths That Could Be Preventing You From Achieving The Success You Deserve

First of all, let's clear up a few dangerous myths. It is certainly possible for you to build a successful business starting from scratch, that can be boiled down to a basic formula like having a good product or service to sell, a proven marketing system and the support and guidance of an experienced mentor... all put together in an effective business plan. Do that and you can't go wrong... it's as simple as that!

However you have to approach it with the right attitude and have realistic expectations. So let's start by clearing up the following myths about making money:

Dangerous Myth No. 1 - Get Rich Quick : Successful businesses are not created overnight. They are built Step-By-Step following a proven marketing system and with quality products or services. This is why we are so sure we can help you build a successful internet consultancy... even if you have no business or technical skills. We have a very powerful and proven system and the highest quality services, combined with full backup support plus personally mentored training and business development that guarantees your success.

Dangerous Myth No. 2 - Success Without Effort : Any real business requires hard work and dedication to build at least in the early stages. However, the financial rewards are definitely worth the effort. Then when the profits allow, you always have the option of employing staff so you can take things easy. One benefit of this opportunity though, is that you don't have to spend time with the technical side of things. This is done for you. You just have to focus on marketing which using our system is virtually automatic and the most enjoyable part of running the business.

Dangerous Myth No. 3 - Turnkey Business Profits : Turnkey plug-n-go business systems have two major flaws. First, they result in saturated markets with everyone selling the same products to the same limited segments. Second, while a system may have worked for the creator, in most cases they don't work for many other people. What is needed and what we offer is a personalized custom built mentored program. One that is designed to develop a unique business plan that is ideal for your unique qualities and allows you to differentiate yourself within your own niche market. This is a very powerful approach.


So as long as you have realistic expectations, are not looking for the lazy man's way to overnight riches and prepared to work hard, our unique personally mentored Protégé Program will take you Step-By-Step to building your own successful consultancy. GUARANTEED!

IMPORTANT: Just to set your mind at rest, the steps won't involve anything you don't feel comfortable with. You won't have to do direct selling, in-person presentations or speak at seminars, unless you want to, of course. It just involves business basics that are essential for any real enterprise. These include finding a niche, doing some research to find the needs and compelling problems of the market, creating an irresistible offer, developing an effective marketing message and promoting your services.


"All in all a great opportunity which comes highly recommended"
- Opportunity Times Magazine

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The Most Effective and Powerful Sales and Marketing System for Internet Consultants Ever Created

The Web Consultants Protégé Training Program is based on the most powerful business development system we have ever come across.

This was specifically created for the IT Industry and is responsible for generating millions of dollars worth of business for technology companies around the world. However, we have taken it a step further by combining it with our knowledge of direct response, online marketing, solution selling and professional service business building methods.

This has created what is beyond any shadow of a doubt, the most effective and powerful sales and marketing system for Internet Consultants ever. It just brings together so many of the most effective marketing and business development techniques from the world's best systems into a single unbelievably effective strategy.

Now, when it comes to marketing strategies, we thought we knew it all... but the foundation to this system just blew us away. It is just so powerful.

It's not that any of the techniques on their own are anything new. The power comes from the system as a whole and how the methods are implemented. We honestly believe that anyone of average intelligence and abilities who applies all the steps of this program just cannot fail to build a highly successful internet consultancy with six-figure income potential.

What's more, it even allows you to create products yourself where you keep 100% of the income generated. These act as lead generators, build credibility while at the same time create a profitable revenue stream.

Just imagine a system that is extremely low cost to implement and actually turns what is the biggest expense for most consultancies (finding new clients) into a source of revenue!

What Makes This System So Powerful?

The whole system allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors with unique solutions that specifically address the problems of your target market.

There has always been a large gulf between what many internet marketing gurus advised for selling products such as ebooks (sold through single page sales letter sites) and the practicalities of other types of products and services. What worked for ebook selling just didn't work with complex sales such as web solutions. Also it was extremely difficult to sell a high priced or complex product or service of any kind purely online without a personal consultation.

However, this new system brings together the best approaches of the internet marketing gurus with the most effective practices of high-end solution selling. It then puts them together into one incredibly powerful and integrated business development system.

The First Internet Consultancy Approach That Doesn't Require Personal Selling & Can Be Operated From Home On a Part Time Basis

If you hate the idea of personal selling, doing in-person presentations to purchasing committees and constant client meetings, then you are not alone. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons that internet consulting has previously been overlooked.

Unfortunately, until now it was the only way to sell the high-end technical solutions. However, with the evolution of this opportunity and our unique marketing approach, all this has changed.

By focusing on a niche market, using credibility marketing, pre-selling and packaging your solutions, it is now possible to effectively sell web solutions using non-personal approaches such as the internet and direct mail. Not only does this make your business more enjoyable to run, it is also highly effective.

This also has a few other benefits. Traditionally, if you wanted to become an internet consultant, then you had to have an office and work full time. However, with our new approach, where you don't need to meet with clients, you have the same flexibility as other internet and mail order type businesses. This means you can operate your consultancy from home in your spare time while the business is building. It also expands your horizons from local clients to national and international markets.

Having said that, if you are the type of person who enjoys the personal touch and likes building relationships with clients on a one-to-one basis, then the approach is equally effective when you add the personal element to it.

In fact, you will see your conversion rates soar, be able to use your time more effectively on the most deserving pre-qualified clients and completely remove any sales pressure enabling you to enjoy meetings more.

So this new approach gives you the flexibility to earn an excellent income and build your business in the way you enjoy most.

The Step-By-Step Process To Building Your Own Profitable Business and Financial Independence

All this will be done at your own pace using step-by-step instructions, worksheets, templates and exercises together with personal email mentoring and interaction with a member of our experienced business development team.

All that's required from you is your commitment to put in the required effort (although it can be taken at your own pace). If you can give this commitment, then at the end of the process you will have laid the foundation to a highly successful consultancy business with a six-figure earning potential, one that will bring you a lifetime of income.

In view of the potential earnings in the IT industry with many multi-million dollar companies ... and a system that is likely to create many more, the end results will be well worth it.

This is your secret weapon to gain a remarkable edge over your competitors, dominate your market and quickly generate your own six-figure income! All you need to do is simply follow our easy steps to become a highly successful and sought after Internet Consultant.

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The Main Barriers To Entry In The Internet Consultancy Business

Now, before we go any further we would first like to clear up any confusion about what is needed to succeed in your own internet consultancy and the huge potential offered by this incredible business.

You may have looked at this type of business before but been put off for one of the following reasons:

  • The high cost of getting started in this business (most popular web consultancy franchises currently cost $30,000 - $40,000!)
  • The complexity of operating the business (e.g. backup & support and technical knowledge required) or having to learn how to develop web sites yourself.
  • Unsure of how you would attract clients and generate business to provide you with a good return on investment.
  • You have been put off by the prospect and limitations of having to do in-person presentations.
  • Concerned about how you would be able to handle multiple projects and specialized client requirements without having to turn work away due to insufficient staff; not having specialized skills or having to take on expensive employees or contractors.
  • How you would be able to compete with low cost freelancers and budget services without compromising on quality and still ensuring adequate profit margins.
  • You may have even dipped your toe in the water with this type of business but didn't achieve the results you were hoping for.

How To Overcome The Obstacles and Build a Successful Internet Consultancy

For most people starting out in this business, it can be an uphill struggle due to the problems that can be encountered early on. Luckily, this is no longer a concern as the normal obstacles have been overcome :

1. Low Entry Cost : The only opportunities that come anywhere near what we are offering cost $30,000 - $40,000 in franchise fees. This is how they make most of their income. In contrast, we charge a relatively small license fee of $997, (which subsidizes our internet services, keeping the prices low and maximizing your profits). As we earn our primary income from the projects you outsource to us, this means we have a vested interest in your success. So, effectively you are getting the equivalent of a $30,000 franchise for only $997... but without the territorial limitations, a superior marketing system, lower priced solutions, high profit margins, personal mentoring and much more.

Testimonial: I would say that any prospective reseller has absolutely nothing to lose in trying the MyWebAgency package, it's not a huge outlay, the benefits offered far outweigh the package price.

2. Full Backup & Support : One of the biggest challenges of starting a new business... especially a high-tech business is the complexity of the business and feeling out of your depth. We understand this and provide you one of the best support teams in the industry. They will guide and help you to build your business by teaching you the best ways to promote your services, ensure your projects run smoothly, helping with quotes and proposals, keeping your clients happy and helping in any other way they can.

Testimonial: I have to say that working with your support team has been an absolute pleasure. They have never failed me once. In fact, they have gone out of their way to help me even in "little projects" that I was doing myself. I can tell you it sometimes made me feel a little guilty, as I knew I was probably taking them away from important projects.

3. Business Development : This vital area is essential to the success of your business. So a lot of effort has gone into making our business development system the best it possibly can be. In fact, we will go as far as saying that it's the best system ever created for building a successful internet consultancy business. It's a completely new approach that can be operated online, by mail order or in-person... and is more effective than anything you will have come across before. If properly implemented this system simply cannot fail to build a 6-figure business for you.

4. Services You Can Offer : Though your first priority is getting clients, the next is the quality and range of services you can provide. This is essential to ensure a lifetime income and repeat business. In this respect, you will be able to offer one of the most comprehensive range of web services available anywhere. These include: web design, corporate identity, print design, ecommerce, multimedia, database development, programming, web application & software development, copywriting & content development, search engine positioning, eLearning, and a whole host of online marketing services and cutting edge eBusiness solutions. Basically, any internet related service you can think of. These are all of the highest quality - equivalent to that of any of the world's top agencies... and at prices your competitors will be unable to beat.

Testimonial: I am over the moon with the standard of work that the programmers and designers have done for me and now, with a few fairly big projects under my belt, I am confident enough to start advertising my small company as a fully-fledged Web Design Agency. This is something I could only have dreamt about a year ago.

5.Your Own Back-Office Development Team: A major unforeseen problem that most beginners face is handling multiple or specialized projects. In today's market you need a whole team of experts ranging from designers, copywriters, programmers, online marketers, ecommerce developers to project managers. A one-person consultancy just doesn't cut it anymore and even outsourcing this to different agencies or contractors creates problems. In contrast, our developers work as part of your organization and handle everything including project management, all the services you need and as many projects as you can generate.

Testimonial: The reason I love the DMS concept is this. As someone that can do a little bit of design to do it all myself takes time. I can't learn all the new technologies AND design at the same time. Or I can't make a living doing design unless people come to me one week then the next week and so on. If I got 5 jobs at once I would be lost and have to tell clients it will be two months before I can get to you. However, once you understand how DMS works, you can take on as many jobs as you want and the support will spend the day helping you preparing quotes etc. Support usually answers me by return email by the way. So I won't even say it takes an hour because sometimes it takes 10 mins for them to get back to me. Which is pretty special.

6. Competitive Pricing: You will be able to offer ultra low pricing thanks to our offshore development centre and employees based in Mumbai, India. As these are our own staff, you can be confident that effective project management and the highest international standards are maintained. This will allow you to offer clients the highest quality services at incredibly low prices, which your competitors won't be able to match. In fact, due to our unique business model where the license fees subsidize our service charges, we can offer our web solutions at prices that would not normally be possible. This ensures you have the biggest competitive advantage possible. In fact, our prices are so low, you will find that the prices offered to resellers are around 30% - 50% lower than you could get even if you outsourced directly.

Testimonial: Regarding their prices, I nearly fell off the seat when these guys quote me something. I have got a photographer site just about to go. DMS were quoting me some crazy cheap price for putting in some admin module for this guy. I double the price and I am thinking hell's bells if that guy was to phone up someone in the yellow pages and ask for a quote for what we are going to give him he would be looking at 2K. I am going to be giving him this for £450 and still make 100% profit on the job.

There you have it. You can now see how this opportunity overcomes all the usual obstacles to entering this type of business. But why should you get started in this type of business? What makes it different from all the other "opportunities" out there? Read the next section to find out!

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Top 21 Reasons
To Start An Internet Consultancy With MyWebAgency.com!

REASON 1: The Best Business Opportunity Available: We investigated virtually every kind of internet business opportunity currently available... from Affiliate Programs to Information Marketing. The result was that internet consulting proved to offer the most potential by far. What's more, due to this research we were able to incorporate the best features of all the top internet opportunities into our system. This makes it a very powerful business model.

REASON 2: Total Flexibility To Run The Business The Way You Want To: This opportunity has total flexibility. It can be operated full time or part time to fit in with the number of hours you have available. Can be run from home or office and you can promote your services by direct mail, personal consulting or internet marketing. In fact, the relaxed credibility based marketing approach gives you total freedom to run YOUR business the way YOU want to... and you don't even have to meet clients unless you want to.

REASON 3: No Personal Selling Required: Unlike any other consultancy approach you will have ever come across - this can really be effectively operated by mail order or entirely online without ever having to meet your clients in person. This is a revolutionary approach and probably the first time this has ever really been possible with this type of business.

REASON 4: A Step-By-Step System That Cannot Fail: This program took several years of development and real life testing to perfect... but the amazing results have been well worth the effort. Our successful resellers have proved time and again that this system REALLY WORKS! All you have to do to build a successful consultancy is follow the simple steps and one-to-one mentored training from an experienced business development manager... and you cannot fail!

REASON 5: Utilize The Most Effective Online Marketing Methods: This system allows you to utilize the most effective online marketing techniques to make the sale. This is a major breakthrough, as high-end technical sales usually require a personal consultation. With our system once the prospects are in the pipeline they can be turned into clients without any personal meetings. The flexible marketing approach, high-end products and lucrative market makes this one of the best opportunities available.

REASON 6: Tap Into The High Profit Business-To-Business Niche Markets: While most opportunities focus on overcrowded consumer segments, you will be taught to identify and dominate potentially rich Business-to-Business (B2B) niche markets. These markets have been largely untapped yet offer more potential than the usual markets. They have far more money to spend and usually have set budgets earmarked for spending on web solutions.

REASON 7: Sell To a Captive Market Who HAVE To Buy From Someone: While consumers only buy when they WANT to, business-to-business (B2B) customers buy because they HAVE to. So you literally have a captive market. As your target market must buy from someone to justify their budget and research has proved that 45% of B2B leads order from "someone" within 12 months... by employing our business development approach you will be first and most logical choice.

REASON 8: Dominate Your Niche & Become a Market Leader: Our revolutionary business development system will give you a huge competitive advantage. It will enable you to become a market leader in your chosen segment, totally dominating your niche... making you the first choice of prospects in that market. This means you will be in the enviable position of having clients seek you out rather than having to chase them. Thereby generating as much business as you can handle.

REASON 9: Multiply Your Earnings As a Specialist: You will be able to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. A specialist who can solve the problems of your clients. Unlike, conventional marketing, where price plays a key role in closing a sale, here it is value that counts. As a specialist in your market you can charge far higher prices as cost becomes less important to your prospects when you are perceived as the best choice to solve their problems... and not just another vendor.

REASON 10: Go Where The Real Money Is: This business is a part of the billion dollar IT industry, which has some of the most successful companies in the world. Companies like Microsoft, Sun and HP started as kitchen table enterprises, so you can appreciate the unlimited potential this opportunity offers. Web services represent the fastest growing and most lucrative area of this market. It is the new gold rush where the money is made selling tools to prospectors rather than digging for gold. In other words, providing the services that internet businesses need.

REASON 11: Use Low Key Credibility Marketing For Maximum Sales: Be able to build an enjoyable business through a relaxing low-key credibility based marketing system that will drive targeted traffic to you as well as educate and qualify the prospects. Then convert these prospects into your clients without any hard sell. Finally, develop ongoing repeat sales for increasingly more expensive solutions maximizing the lifetime value of a client.

REASON 12: Develop a Long Term Business That Will Always be Needed: As a provider of web solutions you will have a business that will never be obsolete. It will continue evolving and stay on the cutting edge of technology... providing you with a lifetime of income in the process. The need for web solutions, upgrading existing websites, new technologies, new start-up companies and the importance of the internet as an essential part of any serious business plan will ensure this is a business that will ALWAYS be in high demand.

REASON 13: Be Seen As a Full Service Agency: You will be offering a full range of web solutions to cater to virtually any requirement your client has. You will be able to sell these under your own brand name on a private label basis, so clients perceive you as being a full service agency able to provide solutions for all their needs. Normally, only the largest agency would be able to provide such a comprehensive range of solutions... but even they can't match the highly competitive prices you can offer.

REASON 14: Differentiate Yourself and Gain a Large Competitive Advantage: Completely differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering unique packaged solutions that deal with your clients' most compelling problems. You will be shown and helped to create packages that differentiate you from general web consultants. This will make you a clear choice for your target clients because what you offer will be unique and exactly what your target market requires. This one secret can multiply your sales many times over.

REASON 15: Multiply Your Earnings as a Total Solution Provider: Go beyond an internet consultancy business to become a total solution provider for your niche. In addition to the usual web solutions you have the option of having digital products developed specifically for you to resell to your clients. These include: software, web applications, multimedia products and eLearning solutions. As you would own these products you would only pay once for the product development and keep all the profits no matter how many were sold.

REASON 16: Use Information Products To Generate Leads & Revenue: Our unique approach allows you to take advantage of the demand for information. We can help you produce your own free and chargeable ebooks, reports and whitepapers catering to your niche. These can be used as powerful lead generators, viral marketing tools or as saleable products to generate front-end revenue. Most importantly they also establish credibility and pre-sell prospects to purchase high-end technical solutions on the back-end.

REASON 17: High Quality Services At Low Prices Your Competitors Can't Match: You will be able to offer top quality services at incredibly low prices that your competitors won't be able to match. We can offer prices that would not normally be feasible as we have our own offshore development centre based in India (which is subsidized by reseller license fees). The prices offered to resellers are around 30% - 50% lower than you could get even if you outsourced directly. This ensures you have the biggest competitive advantage possible.

REASON 18: Maximize Your Earnings By Selling High Profit Solutions: You will be able to sell high-end prestige solutions worth thousands of dollars instead of the low profit sales most online businesses make. With the average small business website costing $2000, plus on-going updates and additions the profit potential is truly enormous. Especially with the low trade prices allowing mark-ups of 100% - 200% thereby leaving huge profit margins. A first year income of $50,000 - $100,000 is totally realistic.

REASON 19: Take Advantage of The Huge Demand For Web Services: The market for internet services just continues to grow every day. Businesses have realized they either need an effective web presence or need to improve the one they already have. This means in-built repeat sales for web solution providers. Due to the life-time value of each client and high price of the solutions being sold, you only need a small number of clients to make your business very profitable.

REASON 20: Full Backup and Support of An Experienced Team: You get the full backup of an experienced team in the areas of business development, technical support and project management. This ensures you have all the help you need to build your business in the shortest possible time, projects run smoothly and clients are happy. Assistance preparing proposals, quotes and advice on how to handle projects and client requests... and technical assistance when you need it.

REASON 21: Your Own Back Office Development Team: As we have our own offshore development centre based in India, you will have all the benefits of your own highly skilled back office development team. This is our own centre and employees so you can be sure that the highest levels of international quality and management standards are maintained. We will act seamlessly as part of your own organization giving you all the benefits of your own skilled workforce without the expense of employing them.

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Who Is This Opportunity Suitable For ...

Entrepreneurs : who want to offer web related services to businesses.

Business Opportunity Seekers : looking for a lucrative, prestigious and genuine business to start.

Small Web Design Agencies & I.T. Consultants : who want to offer more services or take on more work.

Larger Web Design Agencies : who want a better solution than contract staff for larger projects.

Marketing & Advertising Agencies : who want to add online marketing & promotion to their services.

Companies Offering Business Services : who want to add web design & marketing to their portfolio.

Cyberpreneurs : who want to develop the next great Dot Com and cut development costs.

Established Companies : who require a large amount of web development and want to cut the costs as well as have more control.

But can you really build your own successful consultancy business? Decide for yourself. In the next section are the results and feedback from some of our resellers.

Look What Our Resellers Have Achieved And What They Are Saying About This Opportunity .


Paris International Holdings run a niche web-advertising portal for the Boating and Yachting industry.

Revenue is generated through the sale and design of promotional web pages and mini-sites on the portal for prestige clients such as boat makers, sailing equipment retailers, charter holiday operators and other related industries.

The pages are charged at premium rates (from $700 - $1200 per page) due to the lucrative market being targeted and this reseller generates 4 - 5 new design projects a week from their industry niche (that's around $11,000 - $24,000 per month!).

Resellers retain 100% of the income due to the administrative facilities, which allow them to easily create and manage all the sites themselves, using a sitebuilder and content management facility.

I can only assure any prospective reseller that the technical expertise of the technicians, the speed of response to requests and queries, the quality of the goods delivered and the reseller package are all of the highest standard possible.

The pricing for all the products is highly competitive and enables you to quote an immediately competitive price to your client, whilst still retaining a good profit margin.

I would say that any prospective reseller has absolutely nothing to lose in trying the MyWebAgency package, it's not a huge outlay, the benefits offered far outweigh the package price.

Leslie Emms
Paris International Holdings S.A.

Listen to What People Say About This Opportunity

Opportunities like this are seldom seen, unless you spend $15,000 - $75,000 perhaps on a franchise which is why I can so easily endorse this as one of the very best internet-related openings we've seen for a long time.
Andrew Reynolds, Manhattan Direct

Digital Media Solutions Ltd are a genuine company with a genuine opportunity for anyone wanting to start a business part time or full time with full support and backup.......(and I mean real support and backup). The information and training materials are second to none and the earning potential is limitless......I have a very bright future ahead of me........thanks Digital Media.
Mark B. Intercept UK Ltd

It's a hard job selling web services sometimes there is no doubt about it but I think the whole process (when you learn it) is really viable and one of the best deals out there. I have been doing simple sites myself, however I have decided that I don't want to design client's sites anymore and I have got about 10K worth of work in the pipeline.
Eoin Mackintosh, eBusiness Express

Just Take a Look at These Statistics To See The Potential Of This Business

  • Cahners In-Stat reports that the market for providing small businesses with easy-to-use website services is set to be a lucrative one over the next few years and set to touch $600 million this year!
  • According to a survey from Arthur Andersen, one-third of company executives feel that online marketing plays a crucial role in their overall ebusiness strategy, while 50 percent believe that online marketing will offer a vital means of competitive positioning over the next 12 months.
  • A total of $2.8 billion was spent by U.S. companies on online marketing in 2000 according to a new report by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). This figure is set to rise to $14.6 billion by the end of this year.
  • A Gartner Group study found that ebusiness will also constitute a greater proportion of IT budgets, up from 12.7% in 2000 to 15.5% in 2001. This will increase to 30% - 50% of IT budgets by 2005.
  • A survey by Continental Research discovered that the two biggest reasons for SME's not getting online are: (1) Unsure of how to use technology. (2) Solutions focus on technology not business. This represents a major opportunity for those who take up our Internet Consultancy. The business development program that comes with the package will teach you how to market custom built solutions that solve the compelling problems of your target market and use the Internet as an effective business tool - instead of just focusing on technology.

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How Internet Consulting Compares With Other Opportunities

Take a look at the points below for a comparison of how this opportunity matches up some other popular internet opportunities:

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: This is where you refer people to the website of another company and earn a commission on any resulting sales. The downside is that the commission is small, you are competing with every other affiliate for the same program and a successful affiliate business takes a few years to build. By comparison, the opportunity you are being presented with here is completely your own business, you make far higher earnings for each sale and are in complete control as you sell everything under your own brand. Plus you can even start up your own affiliate network to promote your products and services.

NETWORK MARKETING (MLM): MLM is based on building a network of people and earning a commission on all they sell. The problem is that it attracts the wrong type of people... those who like the idea of letting others do the work. This leads to a weak network and small commissions. Instead, why not start your own network marketing program offering web solutions and make money as the program owner.

INFORMATION PRODUCTS: This involves selling information in the form of downloadable e-books, multimedia products and online courses. Unfortunately, the most profitable markets have become saturated and the remaining untapped markets based on your interests probably have little commercial value. On the other hand, as an internet consultant you can target lucrative and untapped B2B (business to business) markets. You can even combine your interest with a B2B niche to create a lead information product and sell web solutions on the backend.

NICHE MARKETING: The latest trend in the Internet business arena is niche marketing. Most experts who have jumped on the niche market bandwagon are totally wrong. They teach you to target small insignificant markets. Instead of wasting time on tiny obscure low profit niches you can focus on highly profitable vertical business-to-business markets that can be worth millions. So while other internet marketing opportunities focus on either the same overcrowded markets or obscure markets not worth bothering with - the markets you can focus on are large, profitable and prestigious.

AGENCY OR FRANCHISE: In a Franchise Program, you pay a license fee for a proven business process and make profits on the products/services sold within your territory. The downside is the price is out of reach for most people, plus the prices are fixed and usually uncompetitive. By comparison, we have no territorial limitations, our business development system is without a doubt the most effective in the industry and more powerful than any system you will find in any franchise. Our prices are the most competitive you will find anywhere allowing you to offer superior quality services and still be able to undercut your competitors. Plus you can even set-up your own national or international franchise network if you wish.

GOING IT ALONE: If you have web design, programming or internet marketing experience then you may want to go it alone in your own consultancy. The problem with this is that due to the huge variety of services that most businesses require you would be severely restricting your income. By contrast, as a reseller with MyWebAgency you can do as little or as much as you want. When you are overstretched or on a tight deadline you can outsource the overflow to us... and get the extra help you need. Lastly, you will be shown the most powerful business development system for running an internet consultancy, which is worth the price of the license alone.

MULTIMEDIA BUSINESS: Most of what has been said about information marketing also applies to this type of business as it is simply replacing ebooks with more complex higher end information products such as multimedia disc sets. With MyWebAgency, you will be targeting more lucrative B2B markets as well as offering multimedia products on the front end besides high profit eLearning applications as part of your web solution.

SOFTWARE BUSINESS: This is another area that information marketers are moving into. Generally, these are very basic applications requiring just some basic scripting as opposed to complex software development. The problems here are that using cheap freelance programmers is an absolute minefield and your dream project can soon turn into a nightmare. This is where we have a huge advantage. Not only can we offer the highest quality and complex development equivalent to that provided by top agencies... but we can do it for a price which is even lower than budget priced freelancers. So you have everything you need in-house at a price you can afford and which you are guaranteed will be to your satisfaction!

PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP SITES: This involves creating a site where people subscribe usually on a monthly basis to receive the latest information on a certain subject. Once again the same that applies to information marketing applies here. Now having said that, membership sites are another revenue stream of information products you can add to the solutions you offer your clients - but it needs to be done the right way, targeting profitable B2B markets.

GENERAL INTERNET BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: This consists of those opportunities that involve selling some other product or service directly. While selling products and services online is clearly a viable business, the internet consultancy industry offers far more potential. The reason for this is you are offering solutions that all these online businesses need. You can therefore make more money servicing these ecommerce companies than actually operating one.

To summarize, the MyWebAgency opportunity has a powerful advantage over most other online business models. This is because there are components of all the best opportunities incorporated into this system. Plus you have more profitable markets and little competition.

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What Makes This Superior to Other Opportunities?

Before launching this opportunity we spent several years on research and development to make sure it was the best business opportunity of its kind... and we believe we have achieved that. Since then it has been constantly refined and improved to far surpass our original vision.

What you are getting is a complete internet consultancy and web development agency in a box! A complete ready-to-go business that doesn't require any previous skills, experience or investment in staff or equipment! Everything you need to start your own lucrative internet consultancy business.

However, this is definitely not a canned proposition. Unlike many other business opportunities, you won't be competing against other resellers. This is the mistake many turnkey opportunities make causing the market to become saturated!

We wanted to make this a business that would last a lifetime. We thought long and hard about the best way to do this. We looked into network marketing, franchising and affiliate programs offering web related services - but all of these methods had serious limitations.

In the end, we decided to license our services on a private label partnership basis, with each reseller focusing on his own unique niche. This gives you complete control of your own business rather than being just an agent. It means you will be setting up your own company and offering web services to your niche market under your own brand.

You decide whether you want to work locally, nationally or internationally. You also have the choice to operate your business on a personal consulting basis or using non-personal methods such as online marketing and direct mail.

We simply act as your back office web development team and function as part of your organization to provide these services for your clients. However, they will never know the work is being done by an outside company.

You are not limited by territory as in an agency or franchise. Neither is it a free for all, like many turnkey opportunities, where you struggle to promote identical services in the same overcrowded markets... this has the best of both worlds.

In fact, as you will be focusing on profitable business-to-Business niche markets, you will have very few competitors. The Protégé Training program will show you how to differentiate yourself and be the first choice for your clients and totally dominate your market.

Based on the above, you have to agree this is the last opportunity you will ever need. A genuine business with prestige products you will be proud of... and that has the potential to keep growing and generate a lifetime of income.

Everything You Need to Build a 6-Figure Internet Consultancy in a Single Package

So you have now learned why we consider this to be the best opportunity available. But what exactly is included in this package?

What you need is a complete solution that overcomes all the normal obstacles to entering this business and provides everything you need to build a 6-figure internet consultancy in a single package.

To accomplish this, the MyWebAgency Internet Consultancy Package, includes the following features:

  • A complete internet consultancy business-in-a-box: Everything you need to build your own successful 6-figure agency without having to spend a fortune or employ staff.  

  • The opportunity to resell our full range of cutting edge eBusiness solutions including web design, multimedia, eCommerce, development, programming, search engine promotion, online marketing and much more, under your own brand on a private label basis. Normally, only the largest full service agency would be able to provide such a large range of solutions and even they can't compete with the highly competitive prices you will be able to offer.
  • Help in developing your own complimentary products where you keep 100% of the profits. For example, eBooks, multimedia products, eLearning courses, membership sites, software, web applications. These would be developed specifically for you to promote to your clients and mean you keep all the profit... and the higher end web solutions are developed to the highest standards but at incredible prices meaning mark ups of well over 100% - 200% are possible so you make more money.

  • The most effective step-by-step business development system for building a 6-figure consultancy business that allows complex high-end technology solutions worth thousands of dollars to be sold by direct mail, personal consulting or online marketing or any way you prefer that suits your requirements, personality, preferences and fits into your lifestyle.

  • Your own highly skilled back office development and project management team who will act as part of your own organization, handling your clients' websites and ensuring projects run smoothly, keeping clients happy and thereby generating more repeat business and referrals and long term relationships. In short, this gives you all the benefits of your own skilled workforce without the expense of employing them.

  • Full backup, personally mentored training and support of an experienced business development and management team to guide and support you on the most effective way to run your business. This includes finding a niche market, researching the compelling problems of the market, developing unique packaged solutions, creating your marketing message, building your website and implementing an effective business and marketing plan. It's just like having a business consultant on hand to make your business successful in the shortest possible time.


These elements contain the three vital ingredients essential to succeed in this business:

REQUIREMENT 1 - Quality Products & Services : You need to be able to offer complete e-business solutions including cutting edge web design, ecommerce, online marketing, search engine positioning, programming & multimedia - the whole picture at reasonable prices.

REQUIREMENT 2 - Training & Business Development : You need to have a tried and tested sales and marketing system that allows you to get as many new customers as you can handle while being flexible enough to allow you to run your business the way you want to.

REQUIREMENT 3 - Full Backup & Support : You need the help and assistance as well as the tools to effectively run your business and manage your projects.

In putting together this amazing opportunity, we have incorporated these three vital ingredients to create the best opportunity of its kind on the market. Let's now look at these important areas in more detail:

VITAL INGREDIENT NO. 1 : The Huge Range of Cutting-Edge Services You Can Offer Your Clients For Maximum Profit!

The first key to running your own successful internet consultancy is being able to offer a complete range of cutting edge ebusiness solutions.

In this respect, we have put together what is probably the most comprehensive portfolio of services you will find anywhere. We offer you the widest range of professional web services possible that meet the most exacting quality standards at extremely competitive prices. 

No matter what your clients require, you will become their ultimate source for providing them with the solutions they need and want - no matter what that may be.

This is a key strategy to maximizing your profits and means you have a huge advantage over any local agency. It provides you with a readymade business with in-built repeat sales as your satisfied clients come back to you again and again for additional services and upgrades.

The Internet Services You Can Offer

Below is an overview of the individual services you will be able to offer as part of your packages and solutions - however if there is anything you don't see here that is related to the internet or web development - in all likelihood we can provide it.

  • Web Site Design
  • Multimedia
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Positioning
  • Content Development & Copywriting
  • Application Development
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Application Service Provision
  • Plus any other web related service you can think of

...But The Gurus Say You Need Your Own Product

Yes, that is true. When you are selling someone else's product or service online you are at a distinct disadvantage. You will earn less money per sale; have to generate much more traffic just to achieve the same results as you'll be referring visitors to another site and thereby losing a proportion of them... and have no way to differentiate yourself from everyone else selling the same product.

However, as one observant reseller observed...

All the "gurus" say you have to have your own product. Could never really get my own product and a lot of the resale rights ebooks, well every Tom and his Cat are selling them. However, it did suddenly strike me that I do have my own products and it really should be huge i.e. Web Design! Duh!

We have taken this one step further though with the Protégé Program.

First, you will be putting together your own uniquely packaged solutions rather than just offering the same services as everyone else. This will allow you to completely differentiate yourself from your competitors with your own unique offering.

Second, you can put together information products to generate leads and build credibility. You can even charge for this information and keep all the revenue while selling the high-end web solutions on the back end.

Or you can go one step further in terms of a unique solution and have us build a resalable software or web application product for you where you can keep 100% of the income. For instance, membership sites, adverts, portals or any software or web-based application... in many cases at a lower price than buying resale rights to a quality information product or attending an internet marketing seminar.

VITAL INGREDIENT NO. 2 : How The Web Consultants Protégé Training & Business Development Program Will Allow You To Build a 6-Figure Internet Consultancy

The next part of the vital ingredients necessary for success in this business is training and business development. This is provided via the personally mentored Web Consultants Protégé Program... undoubtedly the most effective marketing training course for anyone involved in selling web related products and services.

Once you have completed this program, you will know how to effectively market your services by selling business solutions that solve your clients' most compelling problems... instead of trying to sell technology. This will enable you to gain an advantage over 99% of web agencies out there.

The same secrets that have generated millions of dollars for IT Consultancies around the world have been distilled and perfectly refined for the Internet Consultancy industry and can now be yours to help you jumpstart your own internet consultancy to incredible heights.

The Web Consultants Protégé Program follows a step-by-step format to help you build a truly strong Internet consultancy. Each lesson is simple, easy-to-follow and contains valuable exercises, which help in evaluating your understanding and applying the principles learnt.

The program starts from the basics of identifying a niche market and takes you through the entire cycle - developing solutions, compelling marketing messages, creating effective websites, strategies to beat the competition, generating free publicity, clinching the engagement to maintaining an on-going client-relationship strategy.

The Key Ingredients To The Web Consultants Protégé Program

Just take a look at some of the things you will be doing once you get started on this amazing program:

  • Targeting a niche market that you can dominate
  • Researching the problems and needs of your target market
  • Developing unique packages and solutions that solve your market's compelling problems. This means you won't be selling the same as everyone else - it will be a unique offering specific to your target market.
  • Creating an effective marketing message aligned to your solutions and the concerns of your niche that differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Building a custom website that focuses on your target market's problems and how you can solve them.
  • Developing free and chargeable information products that build credibility, generate leads and add an additional revenue stream
  • Putting it all together in an effective marketing plan that combines the best online and offline promotional methods to generate as many clients as you can handle.

Obviously, this is just a very basic outline. But rest assured this system is incredibly powerful and surpasses anything else you have tried before.

You'll quickly learn every insider technique and swiftly cross over bottlenecks to get the success you deserve!

We're sure you'll agree that the above would be hard to beat. So let us now look at the final essential element.

VITAL INGREDIENT NO. 3 : How Our Support & Backup Will Help You To Effectively Manage Your Own Successful Consultancy Business

The final vital ingredient to the success of your business is the management, backup and support in the day-to-day running of your agency.

This is probably one of the most useful resources at your disposal to ensure your success. Imagine the benefit of having the following assistance to help you build your new business:

  • Full backup and support of an experienced business development team to guide and support you on the most effective way to run your business. Just like having a business consultant on hand to make your business successful in the shortest possible time.
  • An effective project management process and a support team to ensure projects run smoothly. This will result in happy clients, generate more repeat business & referrals as well as long term clients. We will be there to provide all the assistance you need including preparing proposals, quotes and advice on how to handle projects and client requests.
  • An experienced technical support team to provide the backup you and your clients require so you have experienced technical people on hand to advise you... and make running your business easier.
  • Your own highly skilled back office development team who will act as part of your own organization giving you all the benefits of your own skilled workforce without the expense of employing them.

Don't underestimate the importance of support in any business you embark on. It is often overlooked but it is vitally important to have someone you can turn to for assistance. You are likely to have many questions when starting out in a new business and you need someone who can make your life easier by assisting you and guiding your business in the right direction. We understand the importance of this and have one of the best support teams in the industry standing by to help you. Just take a look at what a reseller says:

To say I was impressed with the presentation and detail of the course is an understatement. I have since developed a strong relationship with Digital Media and have found them to be extremely helpful and very supportive, no question left un-answered. The cost of the package was covered in the first two contacts I was able to win, thanks to the support provided. These initial projects have now given me the confidence to seek larger and more lucrative commissions.
Gordon Fitch, GFC Solutions

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The Enormous Earning Potential Of This Incredible Opportunity!

Where The Smart Money Is On The Internet

The internet is often referred to as the new Goldrush with prospectors scrambling to find their gold and make a fortune online. Continuing with this analogy - the people who made the real money in the original goldrush, were the entrepreneurs who supplied the prospectors with their tools, equipment and clothing - Levis were one such company.

These smart business people were able to set up shop where there was a ready demand for their products and make their own fortunes without having to get their hands dirty.

Wouldn't you like to do the same in the new Goldrush. Instead of following the crowds and setting up your own Dot Com business - why not work smarter and supply the products and services these people need. Just like the smart business people of the old wild West - you have a ready demand for your services and this is a more sure fire way of achieving success than trying to become the next Amazon.com!


Your Own Web Development Agency For Any Venture

Having said that - if you do have a great idea for an internet startup business - instead of ploughing thousands of dollars in venture capital into developing the idea, you could achieve the same results for a fraction of the price using your licensee status.

Even if you were not interested in selling websites - this offer still represents one of the best opportunities you will ever come across. Why? Simply because the internet is now such an important business tool that any business that doesn't make use of it is at a severe disadvantage.

No matter what business ventures you are currently involved with or will become involved with in the future, having your own web development and online marketing agency will be a major advantage.

What This Will Cost & How Much You Can Make!

The services you will be offering are of the highest quality and comparable with the world's top Web Agencies - but you won't be paying premium fees!

Just look at some of these prices:

Premium Web Design from $34.99 per page
(typical selling price is $69.00 - $99.00 per page)

eCommerce Solutions from $249.99
(typical selling price is $499.00 - $749.00 plus)

Database Driven Solutions from $374.99
(typical selling price is $749.00 - $1249.00)

Flash Multimedia from $149.99
(typical selling price is $299.00 - $749.00)

Search Engine Optimization from $74.99 per page
(typical selling price $149.00 - $199.00 per page)

Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning from $249.99
(typical selling price is $499.00 - $999.00)

Content & Copywriting from $39.99 per page
(typical selling price is $79.00 - $99.00 per page)

Online Site Builder Service from $149.99 per year
(typical selling price is $299.00 - $599.00 per year)

Complete Packaged Web Solutions from $249.99 per site
(typical selling price is $499.00 - $1999.00)


What's more, most of these services offer ongoing repeat income and are purchased in multiples. For instance the average web site order is for 10 - 20 pages. Ecommerce is paid for on a per product basis with a minimum of 10 products. In fact - the average web site order is around $2000. This is the size of budget most business owners have for a professional website! ... I'm sure you can see how lucrative this business can be.

You will actually be able to offer services that most internet agencies are unable to provide. Plus you will be free to concentrate on marketing these services one hundred per cent. This is in complete contrast to most other small agencies that are limited to how much work they can take on due the work load involved.

The Reason We Are Revealing The Secrets To Building a
6-Figure Consultancy Business

From what we have said so far you are probably wondering why we are offering this opportunity. After all, if it is as profitable and foolproof as we are claiming why would we want to share it.... why not just operate the business ourselves? Well this is a logical question, which also has a logical answer (well several answers to be precise).

The first point is that the most effective way to run this business is by targeting business-to-business niche markets. There are just too many of these for us to even scratch the surface. So here we are after several years in this industry, we have finally come across the Holy Grail for being successful in the internet consultancy business - a system so powerful that it absolutely guarantees results. Unfortunately, the rub is that there is no way we can utilize this method to its full potential ourselves because there are just too many niches.

Each niche requires at least one committed person with either experience of the niche or the interest to learn about it. Taking on a number of employees, with each focusing on a niche was an option considered... but a salaried employee is never going to be as committed to succeed as someone running his/her own business and you then have the added problem of that person leaving, putting us back to square one.

Another factor is our experience in building value added reseller networks from people interested in starting their own business. This is our specialization and an area we know well. In fact, you could say this is our niche... and looking at it that way we are operating the business ourselves to our target market; utilizing packaged solutions that solve the compelling problems of our segment...a guaranteed way to build a 6-figure business with low investment, no special skills or experience and full backup and support.

Lastly, we have spent a number of years building up our offshore development team and existing reseller network.. So we have the infrastructure in place. so to just ignore this and start from scratch selling directly to our own clients would have been a waste of all this time and effort.

So it was decided that using licensed resellers each focusing on their own unique niche and commitment to build a successful business was by far the best option. This also had the added bonus that we would be helping self-motivated people who wanted their own business to become financially independent, by offering a genuine opportunity amongst all the schemes and scams being promoted.

All-in-all the key is that this arrangement benefits both of us equally. It is the best way of maximizing the effectiveness of the business development system. In return, you get the benefits of this system, our infrastructure and support to build your business and receive services for a fraction of the cost you could do alone. So it's a win-win situation all round.

Just Take A Look At All The Benefits Of This Package

The seven-part formula for getting all the projects and clients you can handle in 6 months or less starting from scratch.

  • How to cut your marketing costs to virtually zero while at the same time converting more prospects into clients.
  • How to effectively differentiate your business from your competitors, gain a unique advantage and totally dominate your market.
  • How to package your services such as web design & development;
    e-Commerce, online marketing, search engine positioning, multimedia and much more into complete packaged solutions that can multiply your sales, shorten the marketing cycle and make the entire sales process easier.
  • How to use a powerful sales funnel to maximize your business and profits by up-selling a full range of upgraded solutions to your existing clients. Moving them from basic services through intermediate and advanced ebusiness solutions, thereby increasing the lifetime value of the client and at the same time helping them develop their business.
  • The revolutionary approach to selling high-end complex solutions online or by mail order/direct mail without requiring personal consulting.
  • Using research to get into your prospects' minds and understand the most compelling problems of your market so you can put together a packaged solution they will love.
  • The best high impact free or low cost promotional strategies to generate a flood of new clients.
  • How to create an automated marketing system to deliver a flood of clients to you, which can just be set-up and left to run on auto-pilot.
  • The direct response approach that produces a stream of the highest quality "HOT" prospects who are pre-sold and ready to buy.
  • How to set up your web site in the most effective way to generate qualified prospects and clients.
  • The keys to building a network of resellers, affiliates and joint venture partners who will refer tons of clients to you without any upfront costs or effort on your part.
  • How to use articles and information products to build credibility and generate a ton of highly qualified prospects and even how to turn lead generation (something that is normally an expense) into a highly profitable revenue stream that can generate as many clients as you can handle.
  • How to set up your own dynamite referral system to continually generate more clients for zero cost for every client you take on... and even how to get referrals from prospects who aren't even your clients yet due to your expertise and credibility!
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche and be the first choice for any company in that market.
  • Never have to call or chase clients again or have to use dubious sales techniques to convert clients...they will come to you pre-sold and respecting your expertise and with full knowledge that you have the solution to solve their problem.
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your chosen market and have clients willing to pay you more for your services than they would pay other vendors.
  • Generate clients more easily by having prospects come to you sole source due to your expertise and thereby avoid competitive bidding situations.
  • Enjoy running your consultancy business more due to the relaxed credibility based marketing approach that allows you to run YOUR business the way YOU want to run it.
  • Offer a range and quality of services that only the largest full service agency would normally be able to provide, but at prices they can't compete with.
  • Be perceived as a full service agency able to provide solutions for all your clients' needs by reselling our cutting edge eBusiness solutions, under your own brand on a private label basis.
  • Help in developing your own complimentary digital products specifically for you to promote to your clients, where you keep 100% of the profits.
  • Get the highest quality web services at 50% less than offshore outsourcing while being able to add mark ups of well over 100% - 200% yet still be able to offer prices your competitors can't match.
  • Have all the benefits of your own highly skilled back office development team acting as part of your own organization without the expense of employing them.
  • Become a total solution provider and one-stop-web-shop for your niche by offering complete solutions that cater to any requirement for web-based solutions your client has.
  • Provide your clients with top quality services at incredibly low prices that your competitors won't be able to compete with on price, product range or quality.
  • Get all the benefits of having a business consultant on hand and make your agency a success in the shortest possible time with the support of our experienced management team.
  • Ensure projects run smoothly, keep clients happy and generate more repeat business & referrals due to our effective project management process and support team.
  • Make running your business easier with an experienced technical support team on hand to provide the backup you and your clients require.

So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Now you have seen all that we are offering and having read this far , the question you are probably most eager to have answered is about the earning potential of this opportunity.

Well, first you need to consider that the only opportunity that we consider to be a "real" competitor costs $30,000. And this still falls far short of everything that we are providing.

Secondly, how much value do you put on an opportunity that that can make you $50,000 - $100,000 per year. That works out at a million dollars over the course of a decade!

Last, you should bear in mind that personal mentoring programs currently cost several thousand dollars, usually falling somewhere between $5,000 - $15,000.

So, as you can see this is an extremely valuable opportunity.

Just Take a Look At What You Get!

A brief description of this package barely scratches the surface. As described, it is easily worth over $10,000. Even at that price it would be a bargain. Let's look at exactly what's included in this system:

  • Our complete range of internet business solutions such as web design & development; e-Commerce, online marketing, search engine positioning, multimedia, online applications and much more besides. These can be resold under your own brand on a private label basis at less than trade price.
  • The most powerful business development system available for building a 6-Figure consultancy business, which is personally mentored by an experienced manager.
  • Full backup and support of a knowledgeable technical, business development and project management team to guide and support you on the most effective way to run your business. Just like having a team of consultants on hand to make your business successful in the shortest possible time.

The Complete Internet Consultancy Business Package

  Components of Package


The private label license to resell our cutting edge web products and services in your own company name.

$1,000 Value

A private label license to resell our Application Service provider solutions under your own company name.

$1,000 Value

The license to resell our reseller opportunity.

$500 Value

Creation of a custom site design integrated with an advanced content management solution to provide an unlimited page web site with site management, ecommerce and marketing tools.

$500 Value

1 year reseller web hosting, with unlimited web space and bandwidth complete with full virtual server administration system - so you can host all your clients' sites.

$1,000 Value

Personally mentored business development program and training.

$5,000 Value

Access to the most powerful system for building a 6-figure internet consultancy.

$1,000 Value



$10,000 Value

The total value of this package is $10,000. However we realize that this is beyond the budget of most people. As we want to make the opportunity affordable, we have settled on a reasonable annual license fee. This is affordable while still allowing us to cover our offshore development expenses and thereby subsidize the cost of our services. This in turn allows you to offer your clients unbeatable prices and make more sales and profits. So we have put together two options to suit everyone's budget and requirements:


The reseller license is $997 per year plus a $500 set-up fee ... and this includes our new step-by-step personal mentoring program and advanced business development system, which cannot fail to turn your agency into a highly successful internet consultancy. However, if you order by the 1st January 1970, we will waive the set-up fee.

This is because we are looking for serious individuals who are committed to achieving success, who recognize a genuine opportunity and are willing to take action to achieve their goals. If you fit this description then we want you to join us. So to give you an incentive to take action we are willing to give you a $500
discount... but remember this is only for those of you who are ready and willing to make a start by the 1st January 1970!

Please note though, that we can only take on 50 resellers at a time for the mentoring program, which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and lasts for 3 - 6 months. So to ensure your place, please order your license as soon as possible - otherwise you may have to wait several months before getting on the program. Please also remember that it is essential you sign up for your license by the 1st January 1970 to be eligible to receive the $500 discount price.

Full Reseller License Including Unlimited Hosting & Protégé
Training Program with Personal Mentoring worth $10,000!!!

A Time Limited Special Offer If You Order By The 1st January 1970

Full Package

Set-Up Fee:

License Fee:

Single Payment Option

$500.00 (FREE before the 1st January 1970)

1 x $997.00

This option allows you to pay the annual license fee in a single payment and save some money.

Split Payment Option

$500.00 (FREE before the 1st January 1970)

3 x $399.00

This option allows you to pay the annual license fee in 3 monthly installments spread 30 days apart.


Why We Are Limiting Sign-Ups To Only 50 Resellers

The introduction of the Protégé program marks a turning point in our approach, which will also be good news for you. Until now, we have been trying to attract as many resellers as possible on the basis that out of all the resellers we took on, a few would rise to the top as diamonds.

This approach has worked and out of the 300 or so resellers we have recruited since we started the internet consultancy program, a handful have become the diamonds we were looking for. However, we didn't realize just how much of a difference there would be in the volume of business generated between these star resellers and everyone else. Quite honestly the difference is staggering.

When we started, we expected that the best resellers would collectively generate as many projects as all the other resellers combined. However, we were wrong, the volume of projects generated by this small number of top resellers absolutely dwarfs the combined volume of business generated by the hundreds of other resellers! In fact, any one of these resellers would generate many times the volume of everyone else - now that is quite an achievement. However, it has also made us realize that our approach is all wrong. Instead of going for high numbers - we should be looking for commitment because this is all that marks the difference between the top resellers and everyone else.

With the Protégé Program, any average reseller could become a star player. So from now on, we are going to be restricting the opportunity to only the most enthusiastic resellers who have the commitment to succeed. We will be working closely with them to ensure their success. This means places are strictly limited to just 50 at a time - therefore only the first 50 sign-ups can be accepted in the current program.

Anyone who signs up after the initial 50 places are allocated, will have their money refunded but will be given priority placement on the next available place, which will be in 3 - 6 months time. But the surest way to ensure you get both the special pricing and the get on the Protégé Program straight away is to signup today.

How to Start Your Own Internet Consultancy With Absolutely No Risk

We know without question what a hot opportunity this is, and how thorough, systematic, practical, and foolproof the package we've put together is and, because of that...

We are willing to take ALL the risk of your participation in this opportunity. Here's how it works...


" We Will Pay You An Extra $100 If You Do Not Succeed"

Just complete all the steps and exercises in the Protégé Training Program and if you fail to build a successful consultancy within 9 months of completing the program, we will refund your money in full. Plus we will pay you an extra $100.

However, in the unlikely event you do claim a refund, you have to give up rights to the website, content, research, solutions developed during the Protégé Program.

The reason for this is we know this system just cannot fail if properly implemented and if you don't want to continue the business we will be happy to pay you $100 to take it over and know we will be able to make a success of it. So you need to know that if you claim a refund you will give up all rights to what was developed during the program. We don't want you coming back complaining if we make a fortune from the agency you gave up :)

The only reason we could make such an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee is because we know that every word we've said here is the absolute truth.

Take The Next Step Today!

Please understand that you must ACT NOW if you want to take advantage of the special offer that will save you $500!


Remember, if you order by the 1st January 1970, you will save $500 as the set-up fee will be waived. This amazing package can be yours at the Special Offer price of $997 or three installments of $399 - but only if you order by the 1st January 1970. If you are serious about taking advantage of this opportunity, ORDER TODAY as places are strictly limited to the first 50 sign-ups

Please bear in mind the price you are paying is a fraction of its true value. Just ordering unlimited reseller web space alone would cost as much as this whole opportunity, yet that is included here within the license fee. One-to-one mentoring can cost several thousand dollars. The private label reseller license alone is equal to opportunities costing in excess of $30,000...and on top of that you have all the tools, support and backup as well as a custom design web site and a business plan that if properly implemented cannot fail to build a 6-figure internet consultancy business for you - GUARANTEED!

So, take the next step today and order your license. Remember you are covered by a better than money-back guarantee (your license fee refunded plus $100 extra) - so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just click on the link at the bottom of this page to go to our secure order form, enter your details and submit and you'll get instant access. You will then be able to log on to the reseller control panel where you can set-up your website, start the first module of the Protégé training program and take the first steps to running your own 6-figure internet consultancy.

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Within days you could be starting your own highly successful and prestigious internet consultancy!


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