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If this is so profitable, why are you giving away your secrets instead of just running the business yourself?

Firstly, we are running the business ourselves and we have been doing so for a few years. By offering this opportunity to build a network of resellers we are running an internet consultancy. The income we get from license fees makes up only a fraction of our total income and these fees just go to cover the wages and expenses of our offshore team, meaning we can provide you with the highest quality services at a price that wouldn't normally be possible... and it is from these web development projects where the majority of our income comes from. This is no different from you setting up your own reseller network (like many resellers do). So we are definitely running the business ourselves and doing very well from it.

However, the most effective way of operating this business is to focus on a niche market and offer specialized solutions that cater to the compelling problems of the market ... usually this is a vertical industry segment. This means we could barely scratch the surface on our own, but by offering this opportunity and mentoring resellers through our protégé program on how to find a niche and package a solution that caters to that market, everyone benefits. We build a network of resellers that can reach more markets than we could alone and you benefit by being able to resell a complete range of internet solutions at prices you wouldn't otherwise be able to match while learning the most powerful business development system that will allow you to build a 6-figure consultancy.

This also means your success means our success so we will do everything possible to ensure you succeed. That is why we are sharing our secrets and giving you the most powerful marketing system available today for selling web sites.


Hasn't the market for web design been saturated?

Definitely not! Neither is it ever likely too. The growth of the internet and the rapid development in technology mean there will always be an insatiable demand for these services. You will be offering far more than just web design. You will have the same resources as a full service agency and be able to offer everything web related that the client needs. Just look under the services section for the full range of services you'll be able to offer.

As a comparison just look in your local Yellow Pages and compare how many entries there are for internet services compared with builders, accountants or plumbers. These are trades that have been around for decades yet are still nowhere near saturation point - and they have nowhere near the global market potential of internet services. In addition to that you will be using a very powerful marketing approach that will blow your competitors away and even allow you to use them to make more sales!

More importantly, with our powerful business development system where you will be targeting a niche market, you will have little or no direct competition and in fact will be able to dominate the market with the uniquely positioned packages that cater to your target market's most compelling problems.


Do I need to know a lot about computers or the internet?

Not at all - you are selling business benefits - not technology. Everything you need to know is contained in the program ... and our support team are there on hand 24 hours a day to help and advise you - however no technical knowledge is required. Having said that, as the internet is going to become an important part of your life and livelihood - it would make sense to learn as much about it as possible - in the same way as you would want to learn as much as possible about any subject you are interested in. However, once again, just to reiterate - it is not essential. What is more important is getting to know more about your target market as that is what will result in more sales ... and as we show you how to select something you have an interest or experience in ... that will be more enjoyable research.


I can design my own web sites - why do I need this?

Web development has gone way beyond simple html page design. Today you need a whole team of developers each experienced in different areas ranging from information architecture to database development.

No single person could ever hope to effectively master all the necessary disciplines, therefore freelancers and small agencies usually outsource different areas of site development to other specialists. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive.

However, with this opportunity you have a ready made outsource agency to handle everything under one roof at a fraction of the price of normal outsourcing. So you can handle the parts of the project you are familiar with and outsource the rest to your own dedicated support team! You also have access to cutting edge sales and marketing training and support - that you would not be able to get elsewhere.


Can I see examples of other sites you've built for client's/resellers?

The majority of other projects we do are for other agencies such as our resellers and a few select agencies, which outsource their development to us. For these we have a non-disclosure agreement because if the end client'sknew we were actually doing the development work for a fraction of the price they were being charged by the agencies that outsource to us they wouldn't be very happy. Fortunately, our non-disclosure agreement with these agencies prevents this and also our non-solicitation agreement with licensed resellers protects their interests. This unfortunately means we have very little of our own references and the sites to show.

However, to see the quality of our sites you can go to the Samples section on this site where you will see screenshots of many sites we have built (but with the site names modified to protect our resellers & client's).

You can also email support@mywebagency.com for the URLs that a few select resellers and client'shave given us permission to give out on a restricted basis on request (but not to display publicly on our site).


Can I speak to an existing reseller?

Unfortunately, this is something that we no longer do. We have done this in the past but feel it is unfair to expect resellers to act as unpaid sales people as they have their own businesses to run and I'm sure if you decide to become a reseller you wouldn't appreciate getting calls from our prospective licensees when you aren't getting anything out of it.

We also had some complaints from resellers when we've done this where they have set aside time to speak with the person and never received a call, or the person has become a bit of a nuisance calling back a number of times so it was made company policy not to do this. Some reseller even got pitched other internet business opportunities from agents looking to recruit them.

We do however have testimonials on our website at: http://www.mywebagency.com/testimonials.php

Plus a full review by Opportunity Times at: http://www.mywebagency.com/pdffiles/OT_Review.pdf

And a full reference letter at:


Hopefully, the testimonials and reviews will be sufficient, but if not please bear in mind though that one of the reasons the cost of the opportunity has been kept deliberately low (our main competitor charges $30,000, limits your territory and charges far higher prices for the actual services provided) plus our reseller program comes with a full year money back guarantee so you can actually try out the business with minimal risk. It was done this way so an easy decision could be made based on the information supplied. Speaking to existing resellers is something really only appropriate for more expensive opportunities similar to those offered by our competitors where you can't get your money back and have to put in a significant upfront investment of several thousand pounds. In our case you can receive the full package for a relatively low price and complete the program so you are armed with full information to try the business. Then if it isn't suitable you can request a full refund.

Having said that if the above isn't sufficient and you really do need to get in touch with a reseller, we'll see what can be arranged and then you can email them to make contact and take it from there to either arrange a phone call, chat online or get a response to your questions by email ... but if we do this we would ask you to bear in mind that the resellers are busy people.


can'this business be operated part time initially?

Yes this opportunity can most certainly be operated part time and that is the way most of our resellers run the business initially. If the business is being operated in a non-personal way such as online or by direct mail then there is no problem at all as most communication will be done via email. However, even if you are using the personal approach to run you business it can be done part-time. One effective way to do this is make use of a virtual office service to handle calls in your company's name and take on commission based sales consultants to handle the meetings. The virtual office service can direct calls to the sales representative, who can'then arrange a consultation. You just handle the advertising to generate leads. Alternatively, you can just operate online or by mail order.


can'this business really be run Online or by Mail Order without Personal Selling?

Yes - it can certainly be operated in this way. The unique business development program that comes with this opportunity will show you many unique ways to run the business without personal contact.

This is quite revolutionary and until now has only been suitable for selling low priced simple products ... but now the same strategy can be employed for selling high end technical solutions. This is done by first finding a niche market that you will become an expert in. Then using free or chargeable information products or content you can pre-sell and educate the prospect by showing them a solution to their problem. This effectively pre-sells the prospect on what you are offering. Then by putting solutions into readymade packages with a fixed price and specifications with all the elements required to solve the client's problem, making it easy for the client to purchase your package directly from your website or order form without the usual meetings, presentations and consultations needed in this industry ... although if you are the type of person who likes the personal approach, this can still be done.

There are three main business approaches to running the business. These are:

  1. Personal Consulting
  2. Mail Order
  3. Online Marketing

So we have established that if the business is being operated completely online or by mail order, then there is no problem at all as most communication will be done via email. However, even if you are using the personal approach to run you business it can be easily adapted to direct mail or online marketing.

However, even the personal consulting approach can be done without personal meetings. This can be done either by using the direct and online marketing methods mentioned in the attached document to replace the personal interview etc. Alternatively, an effective way to combine the best of both worlds is to make use of a virtual office service to handle calls in your company's name and take on commission based sales consultants to handle the meetings. The virtual office service can direct calls to the sales representative, who can'then arrange a consultation. You just handle the marketing to generate leads which if done properly will have pre-sold the prospect anyway.

So to sum up the variety of marketing and business approaches you can'take mean the business can most definitely be run the way you want.


How will I be promoting my business?

There are many different approaches covered in the business development program. You simply select the method or methods you want to use to promote your business. The basis of the highly effective system we teach is to use credibility and educational marketing. This means the initial approach isn't a direct offer of services, which is a very ineffective method. Instead, what we show you is how to use information products and content such as ebooks, reports and articles to educate the prospect on the their problem and the solution to the problem. This turns a passive need into an active want because you show them that there is an answer to their problem while at the same time subtly building your own credibility and pre-selling the prospect on you having the answer to their needs. The information products and content will all have links to your website where your packaged solutions that answer the prospects' needs are shown. From then on it's a simple matter of keeping in touch with the client through a regular ezine or newsletters, which reinforce your credibility and again provide links to your packages. Eventually, (depending on the urgency of the problem) the client will make contact with you when they are ready to act. At this time, the client has already made up their mind and the sales process is very easy. They will usually have a few questions and then will go ahead and order. You see the superiority of this low-key approach. You do not have to do any hard selling, you are constantly building credibility and showing the client how serious their problem is and how you can solve it, then they will contact you. A prospect who contacts you is far more likely to buy than you contacting them. That is another key to this program.

As far as getting in touch with the client in the first place, this can be done in many of the usual ways but using a slight twist. So you could use advertising or direct mail to generate leads, but instead of directly trying to sell your services, you will be using a highly effective approach of offering a free report, ebook or guide. By the way, you can generate income by selling the ebook instead of offering one for free. Or alternately the initial book can be free, then the next product you promote can be a more detailed ebook or multimedia product that you charge for and only once they have purchased from you will you offer your packaged solution. This is another powerful variation of the system and has the advantage that after purchasing an information product from you, the prospect then ecomes a client and a different type of relationship has been established where repeat sales are far easier while at the same time you will be earning revenue from something that is normally an expense e.g. generating leads.

So as far as getting the initial leads, here are the various methods:

Offline Marketing

Direct Mail
Postcard Marketing
Fax Broadcast
Press Releases & Articles
Leaflet Delivery
Classified Advertising
Display Advertising
Joint Ventures

Online Marketing

Search Engine Positioning
Directory Review & Submission
Strategic Linking
Online Press Release
Ezine Sponsorship
Article Submission
Banner Advertising
Online Joint Ventures
Affiliate Marketing
Viral Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising


So there are many different methods all of which can be effective and you can just select the ones you prefer. Basically, the main elements of our business development approach are:

  1. Lead Generation - get prospects by offering free or chargeable information products or content.
  2. Education ... the information you provide educates the client about how their problem can be solved with a link to your website containing the packaged solution that does just that.
  3. Follow-Up ... keep in contact with your prospects through an ezine or newsletter further educating and building credibility.
  4. Making The Sale ... this is a natural progression from the previous steps of educating the prospect and following up. Eventually the prospect will realize their problem has reached the stage they need to take action and it is at this time they will contact you about ordering.

The best approach we can give you for either online or offline direct marketing is to concentrate on building your list using information as the bait. The list doesn't have to even be large, but focus on generating prospects that can be stored in a database. Some will realize their need is urgent and when they see you have the solution will order straight away. For those that don't, then you can keep in touch, continually educating them until they do buy. This is the key to building a very stable and profitable business. You have such a huge variety of products you can offer prospects that one is bound to suit everyone, those without websites and those with websites. So don't go for the one hit wonder, keep in regular contact through follow up mailings or emails with special offers on different solutions e.g. packages at the start, then ecommerce, search engines, marketing, database solutions, multimedia solutions, copywriting etc. You can go on indefinitely like this and as you become more familiar and the see more solutions they are more likely to buy.

Just select from the methods given and focus on building your prospect database and keeping in regular contact.


How does the Protégé Program Work?

What the mentoring would involve would be to take you through this whole process step-by-step. A business development manager would give you instructions/assignments/worksheets. For instance, the third module is about developing a solution that solves your niche market's compelling problems. From the online research you will have done into your market, you will already know the compelling problems faced in that industry ... which are pretty much the same in most industries but with certain variations. Then you will be given some information sheets on how to come up with a suitable solution with some worksheets to complete ... then from that information between you, the business development manager and the web development team, we will come up with a cutting edge solution that is a perfect fit to solve your client's' critical issues. So the mentoring will involve giving you instruction sheets and work sheets, you completing the worksheets, then the business development manager making suggestions based on what you have come up with. The goal is to direct you to the best way to build your business e.g. in selecting the right market, coming up with the right message, the right solution and information products and putting it all together. Any advice you need once you get the worksheets and assignments will be on hand - just drop an email to support and they will advise you. If they feel something could be improved they will direct you accordingly. Basically, it is like having a personal consultant available for you to work on the best solution based on your preferences or like an eLearning programme with a personal tutor who will evaluate and provide advise based on your completed assignments.


Are there any Resellers in my area?

As there are no territorial limits with this opportunity and you are targeting niche markets and creating unique packaged solutions, there is absolutely no competition between resellers, so it doesn't really matter whether there are any other resellers.

The fact that there is no competition with other resellers is one of the greatest features of this opportunity. The business is an unbranded private label opportunity, which means you resell under your own company name and at your own price and can put together your own web packages which focus on a niche market.

Your offering will therefore be completely unique, even the sitebuilder application and associated marketing and ecommerce tools are unbranded so your client'snever know we are involved and even if two resellers were competing for the same client (which is extremely unlikely in view of the size of the market, the different market segments to choose from and variety of services) the client would just buy based on whichever company he considered to offer the best solution to their problem.


Why do you use an Offshore Development Team?

The offshore development team is based in India and can develop the highest quality sites at a price considerably cheaper than in the UK . Many major technology companies outsource projects to offshore development centres in India for this reason and the fact that the IT education in India is probably the highest quality in the world.

Companies that also outsource to India include Microsoft, Oracle and IBM to name just a few. The key however is that while there are many willing developers in India... it is an extremely lengthy process assessing and short-listing only the best developers and it has taken us several years to reach the stage where we have our own world class team in all areas (e.g. design, multimedia, development, programming, marketing and content development). This was only possible by setting up our own offshore centre in India as this was the only way it was possible to effectively manage such a range of different skill sets working on multiple projects.

There are very few other agencies that can offer the quality or full range of services you would be able to provide.


Can I realistically build a 6-figure income within 12 months ?

If you are of average intelligence, communication & business skills and follow our mentored protégé program and put in the required effort this is definitely possible. That is the only reason we can guarantee your success. This system far surpassed anything else we have ever come across. It is highly effective and powerful and will work for you, even if nothing else has worked before ... but an important factor in your success is your own effort and mindset. You need to be willing to put in the necessary work and stay committed to your own success and be realistic about allowing adequate time to build your business. Remember this will be the last opportunity you will ever need and you can be operating this enjoyable business for the rest of your working life ... but you need to lay firm foundations. So we can provide you with the highest quality solutions and the most powerful marketing system available that will allow you to generate as many client'sas you can handle ... but the rest is up to you in the form of effort, commitment, patience and realistic expectations ... but if you have the right qualities the sky is the limit and you will definitely be able to build a 6-figure income within 12 months.

Now let's see the costs involved, what is included in the package, the guarantee and how to take the next step.

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