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The Difference Between This and Other Internet Related Opportunities

You need to be very clear on the true value of this amazing package. It is streets ahead of any internet related franchise, affiliate, networking or other internet opportunity you may have come across. In fact, with this package you would have everything you need to set up your own franchise or network marketing company.

The business itself has more potential than virtually any other opportunity available. How many other business types have as many multi-million (or even multi-billion) dollar success stories which started as kitchen table enterprises as the IT industry? Companies like Microsoft, Sun and HP started as small home based businesses. The reason is that the profits on high-end solutions are practically unlimited. One day you may even be selling multi-million dollar solutions and our Protégé program will help you get there using the most effective marketing system we have ever come across.

If you are tired of schemes and programs and are genuinely looking for a real business that will provide prestige as well as enormous profits - then this is the best opportunity you will ever come across!

So to help you make the initial decision to focus on this business, just look at the points below for a comparison of how this matches up some other popular internet opportunities:

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS : Here you are paid a commission for all the referrals you make to the affiliate owner's website that result in a sale. Affiliate programs are good for the affiliate program owner as he/she only pays for actual sales and not just advertising. However, as the actual affiliate it can be difficult to build a profitable business as you are only earning a relatively small commission and are competing with all other affiliates promoting the same product.

There are ways that you can build a profitable affiliate business in time by building up your in-house email list over a number of years, making your website a resource for the niche market the affiliate products relate too, then promoting a number of related affiliate products to your list ... but this takes a lot of time and effort and there are far quicker and easier ways to build a profitable business.

Generally, affiliate programs are best used for backend sales to existing customers who have purchased your primary product or solution. For instance if a client had purchased a website, then recommending an internet marketing course of which you are an affiliate, to help them build their business will not cost you anything in promotion and generates backend income ... but trying to build your business by promoting the course as an affiliate upfront will not be so easy.

By comparison, the opportunity you are being presented with here is superior to affiliate business opportunities as it is completely your own business, you make far higher earnings for each sale and are in complete control and sell everything under your own brand.

The educational and software products we can develop let you make a 100% profit. What's more rather than sell somebody's products as an affiliate, you can go where the real money and have other businesses become your affiliates and sell your solutions ... this is in-built into our business development system and very powerful.

MLM Or NETWORK MARKETING : The problem with opportunities in this category is that they depend on the efforts of other people ... but the majority of people they attract as agents are the wrong type of people, attracted by the idea of letting others do the work. This is the fundamental flaw of MLM. In theory, it's a good system ... unfortunately the reality is different.

There is also the problem of the large number of network marketing companies that go out of business, leaving their agents, who worked hard to build their networks, high and dry. This is usually due to stagnation in growth and poor quality or overpriced products.

The initial attraction is usually from adverts or mailings citing testimonials of people who have made thousands in only a few days. These testimonials make it look like anyone can achieve these results ... but the reality is that they are heavy hitters with their own existing networks who are invited into new programs to jumpstart them with the promise of top company positions and other benefits. Everyone else who has to build from scratch will not find it so easy and then the stagnation sets in with people leaving as they don't get the results they were expecting.

Even those networks that offer to recruit for you suffer the same problems. Usually, part of your high subscription fee will go into marketing to recruit for you. The problem is that as the company grows the return on advertising dollar reduces significantly until stagnation again sets in. In fact, logically you can see that if the network just doubles on every level e.g. each person recruiting two people ... then very soon the network size would exceed the population of the earth which obviously isn't practical.

The only ones who will make good money from MLM are the company founders and the heavy hitters. So, we strongly advise against this type of opportunity. It aims to attract the wrong type of persons looking for money with little effort. Any business you consider should be based on the realistic expectation that hard work and a foundation of quality products will be required. In contrast, with the MyWebAgency opportunity you can start your own network marketing program if you wish, by offering web solutions.

INFORMATION PRODUCTS : The most frequent thing that we are told by resellers who haven't been active is that they are looking to develop their own information products or have purchased reproduction rights as they want to offer their own product.

What a few switched on resellers have realized after looking elsewhere is that with our internet consultancy package, you have your own unique product. You have virtually unlimited options for bundling different services together to create your own unique packages ... and this is an important part of the new Business Development system taught in the Protégé Program - you will be putting together your own unique packages that solve the compelling problems of your niche market ... so your primary solution will be unique to you and not the same as what everyone else is offering.

In addition, at the exceptionally low pricing levels we can supply the services for, you will be very competitive on price. Plus there is the added advantage of having built-in repeat business through up-selling which for information products would require new ebooks to be produced ... also the average purchase price is significantly higher. Or you can go one step further in terms of a unique solution and have us build a resalable software or web application product for you where you can keep 100% of the profit. For instance, membership sites, advertising portals or any software or web-based application ... in many cases at a lower price than buying resale rights to a quality information product or attending an internet marketing seminar.

As one reseller observed ...

All the "gurus" say you have to have your own product. Could never really get my own product and a lot of the resale rights ebooks well every Tom and his Cat are selling them. However it did suddenly strike me that I do have my own products and it really should be huge i.e. Web Design! Duh!

We have taken this one step further though with the Protégé Program where using information products and content to generate leads, build credibility and generate revenue is an essential part of the process for building a highly successful internet consultancy. In this way, you combine the best of both worlds.

Trying to sell information as your prime product is extremely hard and competitive ... especially if it is a reprint rights package where you are competing with other people selling the same product. However, focussing on a niche IT market and creating an information product as a lead generator and additional revenue stream is a different thing altogether and is a key that many of the information marketers don't teach. They use their manuals and ebooks as front-end lead and revenue generators for the really big high-end backend consulting, seminar and solution sales.

With our Protégé Program, you have the most powerful system ever for building a lifetime of income. It has the front-end and backend products all rolled into one highly effective system that has both upfront quick profit sales and the long-term high profit repeat sales.

So, if you are going the route of writing your own e-book (very difficult to do well unless you already have a very successful track record) or purchasing reproduction rights to someone else's information product (difficult to succeed due to a lot of competition) then consider the above and the fact that while most ebook marketing experts are telling you to find an interest of your own and write an ebook for that market ... the truth is that the things you are interested in probably have little commercial value.

On the other hand, why not combine your interest with a business-to-business market. So if you are interested in golf - you could target businesses in this industry e.g. golf clubs, driving ranges, equipment and clothing manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers etc. In this way, you get to be involved in something that matches your interests but is also very profitable, meaning you get to combine your interests with a highly profitable niche and make more money with something you enjoy.

The reseller mentioned above has since focussed on selling web solutions and has gone on to develop a very successful business. Here is what he said after realising he had his own unique product and started focussing fully on building his internet consultancy business:

I have just got going and a lot of times I have been doing simple sites myself so I didn't need DMS. However, I have decided that I don't want to design client's sites anymore and I have now got about 10K worth of work in the pipeline.

That really says more than we could ever say about the value of the reseller license. Especially the parts about the highly competitive pricing, profits and the work this reseller has in the pipeline.

NICHE MARKETING : The latest trend in the Internet business arena is niche marketing. There have been a number of experts bringing out niche marketing systems and courses as well as specialized software for finding niches. Most experts who have jumped on the niche market bandwagon are totally wrong. They take a very simplistic approach of doing some keyword research to find key-phrases that have reasonable numbers of searches but little competition.

We have only seen one expert - John Reece teaching you how to do it the right way and he charges a thousand dollars just for his course. He recently pointed out that the conventional niche approach misses one of the most powerful aspects of niches e.g. utilizing other peoples' resources in those niches ... for which you need to find plenty of competitors.

We show you the right way to do this and gain a huge advantage and incredible profits. For instance, most niche marketing involves creating an ebook for the niche ... as John Reece rightly points out you would need to find plenty of other sites in this niche whom you can approach as joint venture partners and affiliates, where they would promote your ebook to their ezine subscribers, site visitors and customers.He used this system and recently made over one million dollars within 48 hours of following this system ... so you know it works!!!

However, when applied to an internet consultancy business it becomes even more powerful. Firstly, you would target a B2B (business to business) niche ... not a consumer niche. This makes a big difference as businesses buy on necessity and even have budgets set aside for the purchase of your solutions ... whereas consumer markets buy on impulse. So it is easier to sell to a B2B customer.

So, while other people are struggling with tiny niches worth only a few hundred or thousand pounds ... you will not only be doing it the right way, your results will be multiplied manifold due to the higher value of B2B vertical markets which can be worth millions. This means you can make far more in niche markets with our system than any other.

Secondly, your niche will be an industry or segment of an industry where you specialize in offering web solutions. So you will have a far larger and more profitable segment than a normal niche market, yet have plenty of sites to approach for partnerships ... none of these will be direct competitors as very few consultancies understand the power of specialising in a niche. This means you will have many sites catering to the industry you are targeting ... but very little direct competition.

Third, you are targeting niches that are virtually unlimited e.g. B2B niches ... just look in the Yellow Pages to see how many industry classifications there are and each has further sub-segments too which can be combined with other classifications such as demographic or psychographic criteria to create untapped niches.

These B2B niches are very profitable running into millions of dollars, have little to no competition and can be dominated. Compare this to the small obscure and low profit niches most niche experts are telling you to target ... besides most missing one of the greatest opportunities of profitable niches which allows you to find partners to promote your services for you ... but this isn't practical with the small niches most experts advise.

Lastly, your research in your niche will help you identify their most compelling problems and create packaged solutions that solve these problems making them hard to resist. Besides, each solution you sell will be worth far more to you in terms of profits as these are high-ticket items you'll be selling instead of cheap ebooks.

Another important point is that with conventional niche marketing you will really have only one product to sell because the niches are usually too small to create more than one ebook on the subject ... but most profits come from repeat sales and the lifetime value of a customer. With our approach to applying niche marketing to your internet consultancy business, you will have infinite numbers of solutions you can sell on the backend to your client's... so instead of the lifetime value of a client being $30 for an ebook ... it is more likely to be somewhere in the region of $10,000 - $100,000 for a full range of eBusiness solutions including design, ecommerce development, multimedia, application development, copywriting, marketing and hosting ... and much more ... over a number of years as the client's online business develops.

So to sum up, instead of wasting time on tiny obscure low profit niches you can focus on highly profitable vertical business-to-business markets that can be worth millions thereby providing far more income potential than the usual niches; and allowing you to totally dominate your niche to become a market leader in virtually untapped markets.

AGENCY OR FRANCHISE : The only real alternative to this opportunity that comes anywhere close is the Internet Consultancy Franchise opportunity. WSI Corporate is the best of these and offers a good business model but costs $30,000 plus ongoing fees. Obviously, this is out of the reach of most people and it is clear that the company behind this franchise are intending to generate most of their income from license fees rather than from web projects their franchisees outsource to them. This means they have no vested interest in ensuring your success.

There are also other major disadvantages to this business model. For instance franchisees are restricted to a limited geographical territory.This makes them miss one of the biggest opportunities for multiplying their profits from recommendations and referrals of existing client'ssince many of these referrals will lie outside the license area, meaning they can't be followed up and simply have to be discarded.

Secondly, another major profit opportunity is specialising in a specific industry. However, to maximize on this you need to be able to work nationally or internationally as companies within that industry are likely to be geographically scattered. So again many contracts would be lost.

Lastly, their prices are so overpriced and uncompetitive, you would have an uphill struggle selling products over which you have no control of pricing.

By comparison, we have no territorial limitations, our business development system is without a doubt the most effective in the industry and more powerful than any system you will find in any franchise, you are able to follow up on any referrals or recommendations from wherever they originate, can even set-up your own national or international reseller network. Yet, you will have little if any competition as you will focus on a specific niche, industry or market.

Our prices are the most competitive you will find anywhere allowing you to offer superior quality services and still be able to undercut your competitors. Not only that, instead of offering the same solutions as all other agencies we will help you put together your own unique packages that solve the compelling problems of your market and will really make you stand out from the crowd.

GOING IT ALONE : If you have web design, programming or internet marketing experience, then you may want to go it alone in your own consultancy. The problem is that most businesses require a huge variety of services that you might not be able to provide on your own, severely restricting your income. You could tie up with other agencies to provide these but you would be missing out on a lot of profits and there is always the danger of another agency poaching your client's.

In contrast, by signing up as a reseller with MyWebAgency you can do as little or as much as you want. You can handle just the parts of the projects you are experienced with and let us handle the rest. When you get multiple projects at the same time which would normally mean turning some down, you can outsource the ones you are unable to handle to us ... and when you have a tight deadline you can get the extra help you want. Lastly, you will be shown the most powerful business development system for running an internet consultancy which is worth the price of the license alone.

MULTIMEDIA BUSINESS : Most of what has been said about information marketing also applies to this type of business. In the same way that ebooks and courses are sold about becoming an information marketer ... the same authors are also selling books and courses on related subjects.

Information marketers are now starting to also come around to more complex higher end information products (e.g. multimedia multi disc sets) since they are more profitable than low cost ebooks ... so more complex high end solutions are being promoted by the information marketing experts as well (many of whom also have had their own software developed).

Multimedia courses are just an extension from ebooks. Instead of just writing, you are shown how to use software to screen capture what you do on your computer and put this into a video format such as Real Media, Flash or Windows Media Player. These can'then be used as training materials.

Other examples of multimedia products include videos and audios of seminars, teleconferences or training sessions being converted to web friendly formats. This offers more opportunity than ebooks due to the higher prices and novelty value ... but basically the same points that apply to information products also apply here. For instance, problems of over saturated markets, difficulty in finding a suitable niche and a marketable subject.

Everything we said about our opportunity scoring over information marketers applies equally here ... you can still offer this sort of product on the front end with the aim of using it to educate, build credibility and pre-sell the more profitable web solutions on the backend. The reason our business model is more powerful than this is that you'll be dealing with products (e.g. web solution) that everyone expects to have high-end prices in markets (e.g. B2B niches) that are used to paying these amounts.

You have options of having software developed ... or for the zero cost option we can help put together a packaged solution that caters to a specific niche market ... and not just the usual type of niche either... by focussing on B2B markets you can genuinely find highly lucrative untapped niches with few competitors. Then using our approach you will be able to totally dominate these markets, which can be worth millions of dollars.

Best of all is the fact that you can still sell niche multimedia products on the front end and keep 100% of the profits. As far as the actual multimedia products are concerned, these can also be sold as part of one of your packaged solutions. These products have practically no competition and due to the industry focus will be in great demand by your target market.

Training is a common component of a total solution package. Or it can be used as an intermediate product. For instance, use a free ebook as a bait to generate leads and then enter these prospects into the pipeline and follow up in the usual way with a newsletter, ezine or autoresponder sequence. The next level would be to get them to purchase a multimedia course on the same topic as the ebook but which goes into the subject in more detail and gives you a good profit. Their real purpose however is to build credibility and pre-sell the higher end internet packages where the big money is made, so the final stage would be when they order an ebusiness solution. This turns what is usually an expense into a revenue stream and also allows you to set-up a your own affiliate network to promote the ebooks.

Another advantage is that while information marketers are giving away a large proportion of their primary product profits in commission to their affiliates, you will only be paying out a commission on front end products whose real purpose is to generate large backend sales where you will keep all the profit!

One final point we need to clarify is that while getting an order for a web solution is the final stage, it doesn't end there. This is just the start of the backend sales as once you have a client for your web development you would continue upgrading their solution as their business develops and needs change ... so the lifetime value of any client is very high!

So while information marketing experts are trying to take advantage of the power of high end multi media products ... you have the opportunity to make even greater profits with less competition. Contrast this with information publishing where you are either forced to compete in a saturated internet marketing marketplace or find small obscure consumer markets with little money.

SOFTWARE BUSINESS : As for software, this is another area that information marketers are moving into. Actually, that raises an important question. Why are information marketers looking at so many other areas of business? The reason is quite simply that their main market has become saturated and ebooks are no longer the meal ticket they once were ... so they are now looking into other areas of business. Areas that our system already has built in!

Anyway, back to the comparison with operating a software business. Generally these are very basic applications requiring just some basic scripting as opposed to complex software development. This type of business is usually sold as an ebook that shows how to come up with ideas for software products, how to put together a brief that a programmer or script writer can follow, where to find freelance programmers, how to manage the project and then how to market the product.

The problems here are that using cheap freelance programmers is an absolute minefield and your dream project can soon turn into a nightmare that goes over schedule, over budget, is full of bugs and has serious problems when it comes to usability.

You may think that by using certain freelance marketplaces you have protection, but find out too late , you don't have the protection you think you do. A lot of problems are the result of not understanding project scope and project management and recruiting inexperienced freelancers who charge rock bottom rates to get a project and do the absolute minimum the scope document specifies to make a profit.

A good development team would be able to advise you of possible issues before starting the project and give you a dedicated project manager to ensure the project goes smoothly. This is where we have a huge advantage. Not only can we offer the highest quality development ... and we mean the highest quality equivalent to that provided by the top agencies ... but we can do it for a price which is even lower than budget priced freelancers as our business model uses the annual license fee to subsidize wages of our development teams therefore allowing us to develop top quality products at a price that wouldn't normally be possible. On average, we found our prices are around 30% - 50% lower than the cheapest offshore freelancers!

In addition to the high quality, every project has a project manager assigned. This is something normally only found on very large projects costing several thousand dollars ... and usually add considerably to the price of a project. We do this at no additional cost and on even the smallest project, ensuring everything runs smoothly and you get the software you want.

We are also capable of developing any software project from the simplest script to the most complex client server application, so you have everything you need in-house at a price you can afford and which you are guaranteed will be to your satisfaction!

Finally, there is the fact that our business development and marketing system is far superior to what you will get in any software development ebook. Not only for generating sales but also in showing you how to target a niche industry that you can dominate and creating software your target market will find irresistible, so you don't suffer the usual problem of saturation. For instance, just like with ebooks, these low end software products are all basically general emarketing products and will eventually suffer the same problems of saturation as ebooks. This can be offered as part of a packaged solution, in place of a packaged solution (e.g. the software becomes the solution) or in an in between stage like with multimedia products.

PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP SITES : Like the previous two types of business, this again is an extension of information marketing. This involves creating a site where people subscribe usually on a monthly basis to receive the latest information on a certain subject. Normally, these sites are related to some aspect of eBusiness so again suffer the usual problems of saturation.

There is also another problem and that is credibility. People are more cautious about signing up for these membership sites than with ebooks unless you have a successful track record or ideally be known as an expert to succeed. There are ways around this like having well known experts contributing articles but these must be exclusive and mean you will either need to pay them and therefore decrease your profits or let them plug their own sites and therefore lose credibility.

Now having said that, membership sites are another revenue stream or information product you can add to the solutions you offer your client's... but it needs to be done the right way. For a start, you can forget about the general eBusiness niche as this is saturated. However, as part of the business development program you will already have selected and researched an industry niche and collected a wealth of information about the concerns of your market and your articles or information products will have established credibility. So at some stage setting up a membership site for your client'swith the latest information about how eBusiness affects their industry may be a wise decision.

So as you can see ... here is yet another common business opportunity that is also incorporated into our business model just like all the others. In fact, we are sure you are beginning to see now that this really does have everything you can find elsewhere ... and a lot more besides ... all put into the most complete business available.

INTERNET MALLS : This is different from other types of businesses mentioned so far which are mostly genuine opportunities (albeit not perfect). However, many opportunities relating to internet malls are best avoided completely as they don't make money for anyone other than the person offering the opportunity.

Generally, these are extremely expensive programs many of which guarantee a certain return on investment by them doing the marketing and you doing nothing. Unfortunately, these are nothing but get-rich-quick schemes and if you do some searching online you will find pages of search engine results with people complaining about getting ripped of with this type of opportunity.

The problem is that these types of business go against the normal rules of internet marketing. Unless you are a multi million dollar corporation with an unlimited budget to advertise the mall you are not going to get many visitors. That is why online marketing always targets a niche market ... even if these niches sometimes aren't that focussed ... it's still a lot better than trying to sell general products online.

Even when you do get visitors the mall type format has proved to be one of the worst formats for converting sales and even if you do get some sales the commission earned is usually tiny ... typically you just earn a percentage of what the promoter earns as an affiliate ... so you would be better off just getting a site developed yourself and signing up directly as an affiliate. This is one type of opportunity we are glad to say isn't incorporated into our system ... although if you wanted to set-up a mall we could do it for you so you retained more commission.

GENERAL INTERNET BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES : We have covered most of the top internet opportunities but that still leaves many more so we have grouped these under this general category. This consists of those opportunities that involve selling some other product or service directly including setting up an online mall.

Now we aren't going to criticize selling products and services as this is what your client'swill be doing ... and if this was not viable then we would have no business. However, what we can say is while this clearly offers a viable business, the internet consultancy industry offers far more potential. The reason this is superior to selling virtually any other product or service online or any other ecommerce opportunity is that you are offering solutions all these companies with online businesses need. This will never be outdated and you can make more money servicing these ecommerce companies than actually operating them. This is particularly true when you take into account our business development system, which incorporates all the best online business models into one superb system.

Where The Smart Money Is On The Internet : To give a practical example, the people who made the real money in the original Gold Rush were the entrepreneurs who supplied the prospectors with their tools, equipment and clothing - Levis were one such company. These smart business people were able to set up shop where there was a ready demand for their products and make their own fortunes without having to get their hands dirty.

Wouldn't you like to do the same in the new Gold Rush? Instead of following the crowds and setting up your own Dot Com business - why not work smarter and supply the products and services these people need. Just like the smart business people of the old wild West - you have a ready demand for your services and this is a more sure fire way of achieving success than trying to become the next Amazon.com!

Your Own Web Development Agency For Any Venture : Having said that - if you do have a great idea for an internet startup business - instead of ploughing thousands of dollars in venture capital into developing the idea, you could achieve the same results for a fraction of the price using your licensee status.

This is because in addition to being able to provide web solutions to your client's, you can have web solutions and online marketing developed for any other business you are involved in or become involved with in the future. Just imagine having a team of experts on hand to make any other business you are involved with more successful ... so you will make more money in all your other business ventures as well as your consultancy.

Even if you were not interested in selling websites - this offer still represents one of the best opportunities you will ever come across. Why? Simply because the internet is now such an important business tool that any business that doesn't make use of it is at a severe disadvantage. No matter what business ventures you are currently involved with or will become involved with in the future, having your own web development and online marketing agency will be a major advantage.


To summarise, the MyWebAgency opportunity is superior to virtually any other online business model as components of all the best opportunities are incorporated into the system. Our business model allows a completely integrated approach where all these revenue streams make money for you while also pre-selling other solutions on a continually increasing inverted profit pyramid where the value keeps on increasing. In addition to this, you have more profitable markets and little competition.

Over the next few pages we will cover the main components of the opportunity such as the services offered, the business development & training program and the backup and support you will receive to develop your business.

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