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About the MyWebAgency opportunity and Digital Media Solutions Ltd.

MyWebAgency.com is the licensed reseller programme run by Digital Media Solutions Ltd. We are an established UK based internet consultancy that has been successfully selling web solutions since 1998.

The MyWebAgency.com consultancy opportunity was the result of several years research and development plus real world testing and improvement to bring the best internet service related opportunity available today.

It allows any individual or business to provide cutting edge web services and solutions to the local or international market place without any previous knowledge or experience other than basic familiarity with computers and the web.

Our large offshore development team based in India carries out all the work. This gives us extensive resources to handle any project from basic web design up to full software programming and application development.

The development team have literally decades of experience between them and have worked on projects ranging from small business sites to major projects involving large financial institutions, top corporations and foreign government departments.

The full range of services that we can provide to your clients is extremely comprehensive and covers anything you could possibly require. They fall into the following main categories with specialist teams working in each area to produce maximum results.

  • Web Design
  • Database Development
  • eCommerce
  • Multimedia Development
  • Search Engine Positioning
  • Online Marketing
  • Copywriting & Content Development
  • Software Engineering & Application Development
  • Application Service Provider
  • Hosting & Domain Registration
The fact that we can offer such a comprehensive service means you will be able to act as a full service agency providing everything your clients need under one roof - thereby providing an integrated solution. Alternatively you have the option of specializing in a specific area such as marketing, multimedia or ecommerce or a niche industry and charge premium fees as a specialist. On top of this you can now provide DIY solutions for clients who want to keep everything in-house. In other words as well as providing consultancy services you can also be an application service provider. This means that you are offering web based software solutions which is an extremely lucrative market and along with internet consulting are two of the biggest markets on the net.

A major benefit to this opportunity is that it is private label. This means you are able to offer the products and services under your own brand name and no one will know our involvement. As far as your client is concerned you are the one providing the services. You are also free to charge whatever end price you wish. You just purchase from us at a trade price and typically mark this up by 100% - 200%. Private label opportunities just offering a fraction of the benefits of this opportunity can cost upwards of $30,000 license fees plus ongoing royalties. The MyWebAgency.com opportunity gives you far more for only $997 per year!

By reading the information available on this site you will find that the keys to this opportunity are:

The comprehensive range of products and services.
A tried and tested marketing system that will give you all the clients you can handle.
Unlimited web space and bandwidth to host all your clients' sites at no further costs plus a complete server management control panel.

Due to the nature of our business where other agencies outsource their work to us - the majority of our work has been done under NDAs (non disclosure agreements) therefore the work we can show is only a tiny fraction of the work done by our development teams and represents some of our earliest projects so isn't representative of the full quality we can produce - however it does give you an idea so go to the Samples page where you will also see some of the excellent templates we have created for our site builder solution.

Lastly, to see our full range of services and the trade prices available to our licensed resellers you can click on the pricelist link. This will show you all the services you can offer together with their trade and  retail prices.

After you have gone through the information if you have any questions please use our feedback form and one of our customer service team members will be happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

Kind Regards,

Gordon R Angus
Managing Director

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